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Toothpick Training


Been lurking here forever. Got kicked out of SL because I didn't go GOLD.
I need a new place to keep my training log and TNATION seems to be the most likely place to keep said log.

By way of introduction:
6' 3"
Squat - 285lbs
Press - 147.5lbs
Bench - 210lbs
Deadlift - 405lbs
Reconstructed left knee, right hip issues
Getting back to training after an injury layoff
Running my own program of an 8x2 / 5x3 progression.

Week 5 - Day 12 (I think...I'd know if I could access my old log, goddamn it!)

Squat - bw 1x 20, eb 1x15, 115lbs 1x10, 185lbs 1x5, 205 lbs 1x1, 225lbs 5x3, 155lbs 1x10

Curls (after every squat set) - 45lbs dumbbells 10x5

Press - eb 1x20, 95lbs 1x12, 105lbs 1x6, 115lbs 1x1, 120lbs 8x2, 95lbs 1x10

Row - 105lbs 1x20, 125lbs 1x12, 145lbs 1x6, 155lbs 1x1, 160lbs 5x3, 125lbs 1x10

Dips - bw 3x10

Left out the BSS as my legs were dead...


Welcome aboard...whats SL?



Some strange goings on over there at the moment.




Buffalo welcome...new guy buys the beer!


Hi Bflo! I lurk here as well. Glad you've found a place to land after the SL fiasco. I shall follow you here. FYI -- a bunch of us have gone over to ironstrong.org. And my blog is fivestrong.net, if you care to drop in sometime.


Welcome. We're pretty friendly around here and won't make you "go gold". What ever that is.


Molson Canadien all around barkeep...


I'll take one of those.



Welcome, Buffalo. Yeah, I can understand, I'm 210 at 6' and still feel unbearably skinny. You have a really good DL, do you have long arms?

I used to visit StrongLifts a lot, but got uncomfortable at how everyone was supposed to have an awesome success story, my progress was never great.

You'll love it here. And get in a meet!!



Are we supposed to have a success story?

I successfully came to work sober today.

There success.


Derek - For me, stayin' on the right side of the grass is a success...EVERY GOD DAMN DAY.

Cav - Yeah my wingspan is about 4 inches longer than my height. It's even worse than that when you consider that I have a giraffe neck and that ends up being at least an inch of useless height right there.
I'm pointing towards a spring meet for Upstate NY...

To all the other who've sent welcomes. Many thanks, it's nice to have a place to share the fun and pain of picking things up and putting them down!


Welcome -

this is the famed elaphant grave yard of lifters.

Strong lifts is like the biggest copy paster alive.


Me too! how wierd both of us did!

oh, and welcome.


Stay gold ponyboy lol


kmc - SL WAS the biggest copy paster alive...I believe the site is going to implode.
Too bad really, I made some good friends in the forums and SL got me started on the path of Iron. Ultimately SL became one of many sites I visit and I used it only as a training log warehouse in the end.


Pete if me, you, Matty, Steely and Dday lived in the same town.

Only one person a day could be that successful the designated driver.


I successfully got out of bed and applied for food stamps.

StrongLifts just really intimidated me with endless "I never lifted, started the program, and 3 months later was benching 300, squatting 425, lifting 550 - IT WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Oh, and you have a good bench for such long, thin arms.


Did we just take over this guys log?

Sorry man we tend to do this a lot in this forum.

But hey be happy today is your day.


I prefer Oktober fest beers at the moment. Or a good wheat beer like Hackor Schorr mmmm......

Stronglifts is a . Well mom said "if you have nothing nice to say...". Good in theory bad in practice. And to pay to be able to log in there WTF?!, with other newbies with the same questions as yourself?


Well welcome aboard--hope you lift strong!!