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Tools for Pre-Loading Syringes/Saving Open Vials?

The Testosterone I buy comes in 1ml glass vials. Once broken, can not be closed :). I do not need to use the full, so end up throwing away a fair bit each time I use.

I was wondering if there was a safe and suggested set of tools that I could buy that would help me preserve the remainder?

I understand I can simply load up some syringes at the same time, but not sure how safe that is. Also not sure all syringes are good for holding the material for a few days.

Is there some tool, device, container, something, that is better designed for this purpose?

Thank you.

This is what I would do assuming you are using all said supply within short order. You could buy some empty vials and transfer but I’m guessing you are going to using the 1ml within a +/- one week period.

How much are you injecting? You can easily draw 2 syringes at a time and put them away until your next pin. It would kill me to throw away such a vital fluid as testosterone!! LOL


Nearly half the vial each time.

I was wondering if there is something better than the normal plastic syringe.

Theoretically, you could probably buy sterile empty vials and just inject it into that. Other wise, if your pinning twice a week, just preload a syringe. It will be fine.

You need to figure this out, you basically have free testosterone to save for a blast when you’re ready. That’s a rare opportunity.

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It hasn’t been a major issue for me, as it costs about 100$ for 20 doses here. However, if I want to start switching to 2x/week, I really don’t want to waste 75% of a bottle each time :slight_smile:

I was wondering if a company sold special syringes or special ‘something’ that makes this easier.

I.e., a syringe that you can load the full amount into, but can be calibrated to only give 25% of the amount loaded with each injection.

I do daily injections so I use a 29 gauge insulin syringe. I preload 10 of them at a time(10 syringes per bag) and I put them in my bathroom cabinet. You could easily just load up another syringe with the left over testosterone and put it on a shelf until the next dosing time.

I buy 10ml empty sealed sterile vials. I draw 4 x 2ml amps in to a 20ml syringe using an 18g filter needle then swap the needle to a 21g then inject it all in to the vial. I insert a second 21g needle in to the vial to let the air pressure balance.

I’m sure such things exist. I’ve seen something like this at the dentist office but the costs wouldn’t be worth it

Every drop counts :stuck_out_tongue: