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is anyone else as big of a Tool fan as i am? i can just listen to their music over and over without ever getting sick of it. maynard is a freaking genius (for lack of a better word.)

Yes I agree they are very good but most individuals find them difficult to listen too. I think this is due to their use of unconventional song structure. Their music takes a while to build and it constantly morphs and changes, yet not too much.
46&2 and Swampsong are personal favs but they are all quite good.

Tool is atrocious!

TOOL rocks! Some of my favorite workout music. Herc

Great band. I saw them live, they kicked ass.

JC#10, they are coming to Colorado Springs Oct 13. I can’t wait. I missed them a couple months ago in Denver. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. Like someone posted above, they are a little harder to listen to for some people who like pop rock, because of the length and structure of the songs. But they have some incredible stuff. All of their cd’s are excellent from beginning to end. Most bands today have a max of 3 good songs per disc. Tool is on a different level than most bands!!1

Is Tool and A Perfect Cicle the same band?

Tool has some of the most idividually gifted musicians in the world. And they make great music when they work together. Plus, Maynard is a musical genius.

However, they are one of the worst live bands I have ever seen. Just saw them a few weeks ago, and was supremely disappointed. Their drummer was the sole bright spot in the show. Maynard spent most of the show with his back to the audience, standing in the back corner of the stage. The guitarist and bassist never moved. Boooorrrriiiinnnnggg. If I wanted that, I would have just put my CD in and turned it up really really loud. But they did SOUND great in concert. Just no stage presence. Oh well, I’ll still buy their CD’s.

They’re absolutely incredible. Actually, I am seeing them live for the first time 9 days from today. I’m pretty pumped about it.

I’m going to see them in October (just got tix). Aenema is probably my favorite album.

Tool kicks ass. I love alot of their songs but I hate quite a few too. Overall they kick ass. :slight_smile:

i agree that you either love tool or hate them and i workout to their music all the time. heres my analogy of tool. you know the time when you see a girl, and even though she may not be goregous or youve banged hotter, there is just something about her that drives you wild? thats kind of like tools music. theyre not the hardest group out there, you cant dance to them (or headbang), their weird, but something just makes sense when you hear their music, and i think it fucking rocks. and no, a perfect circle is a different band, but maynard is the lead singer for both.

Wow. I was gonna post about this one day. 46 & 2, Lateralis, Schism, Opiate, Aenima, the build up in Eulogy…I could go on and on. I find most people that say things like “Tool is Atrocious” ( like my brother) are scared off by the heavy,sometimes long intro’s(which I think are awesome,and the way they blend into the songs are what sets Tool apart). From my experience,they’re usually the britney spears,top 40 type guys that just can’t sit down and listen to the words,along with the music(hey,if Mtv doesn’t play it 24 / 7,it can’t be great,right?). But hey,to each their own. My girlfriend likes the band, but I play it way too much. Maynard is no doubt THE best current singer/songwriter,NO question. The guitar and drums are definetly second to none.

Maynard sang for Perfect Circle, however,he was the only member of Tool in the band,I believe

Shit, and I love the tune “Hush”. It’s a song I have playing in my head when on the forum,or when someone pisses me off.

I fuckin’ hate Tool.

oh yeah forgot one thing. now i like a variety of music, but there are probably about 90% of my cds where there are 5-10 good songs, but there are always the songs that you dont like. i have yet to hear a tool song that i dont love. i wonder what maynards childhood was like because although he is a musical genius, i always find myself asking “how the hell did you come up with those lyrics?” (i think ive said that for pretty much every song.) as for you tool haters out there, i understand where you are coming from. i used to be the one saying “how the hell can anyone listen to this,” but gradually they grew on me, and now they are my all time favorite group.

Man, Tool is horrible. I’m not scared of the long intro or their overall sound either. It’s their sound that makes me turn the radio station.

Musically, they sound like train wreck and it seems like they try too hard to be dark and mysterious. It's like they're trying to build this "mystique" about them and they fail miserably.

It's funny, JC#10 said that he grew into Tool and used to not like them. I would think a person would grow into good music.

I used to be a metal-head. However, I grew into music like The Beatles, Elton John, and Elvis. Not this garbage that Tool makes.

I must be getting old. I thought “atrocious” was a good thing, like being “sick” or “phat” or “thick” or… Herc

Damn, how old are you!?! :slight_smile: