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Tool-Vicarious (New Song)

KBPI, the radio station here in Denver is playing the new Tool song, Vicarious, every hour on the hour today. I just heard it, and it is absolutely phenomenol. As soon as you hear the sounds of the first guitar, you know it’s Tool. Absoultey an amazing song.

Now I have to see if I can get tickets to their concert here on May 10th. They sold out 16000 at the Pepsi Center in 15 minutes, its gonna be tough as they are playing at the 3000 seat Buell Theatre this year…

I just heard they are coming back to the Pepsi center in July. Apparantely Maynard wanted to start the tour in venues where “my mother could watch the nutcracker.” They’ll go back to selling out 10,000+ this summer. Whew, I was about to cry. Any Denver Tool fans want to go with me? I had to go to the last one by myself because I couldn’t find anyone to go!

I’m going to have to start listening to the radio again so I can hear their new single. Tool’s been my favorite band since '96, hands down, and it’s always worth the wait to hear new stuff.

You just made my day! I am a huge Tool fan. The radio stations around here suck ass! Are there any websites where i can check this out?

There’s a link to it on this page.

The song is their best album opener so far I think. Apparently this song isnt anything like the rest of the tracks on the album though, and the rest are more like the last half of lateralus. That would definitely be a good thing.

By the way, to all TOOL fans, Meshuggah had a huge influence on them for this album! Which is really cool because if you listed to the middle of Vicarious, you can here their awesome melody influence! Can?t wait to hear them in a concert.

The guitar is amazing in Vicarious. I’ve heard it 4x today and it just keeps getting better. Today, KBPI played it every hour on the hour from 8am-8pm. And I must have called 20 times trying to win tickets to the concert haha.

You can also listen to the song on his myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/maynardornothing

[quote]Cartman8675 wrote:
You can also listen to the song on his myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/maynardornothing [/quote]


That song is awesome. I’m really liking the fact that its not something that is completely different from all their other stuff- its new, its good, but its still definately tool.

Thanks for letting us all know about the new song being out. This is the first I’ve heard it.

Thanks for posting a link to the song. The new album comes out just before my birthday. Best birthday present I will have had in a while.

[quote]chewie wrote:
Cartman8675 wrote:
You can also listen to the song on his myspace page. http://www.myspace.com/maynardornothing


Fuck yeah!

I’ve heard the song about 5 times the last two days here in Boston, and I love it. Like I said in the other Tool thread, it reminds me somewhat of a cross between 46 and 2 and Eulogy. I don’t mean that it’s unoriginal or derivative, but just in the vein of those two songs. It definitely is even more complex than a lot of their other songs though, every time I’ve heard it, I’ve noticed something different in the guitar work, drumming, or bass line, and Maynard seems to be experimenting vocally as well.

My xm sat radio has been playing that song for a few days now. TOOL is just one awesome mind blowing band…I can’t wait to see them in concert again.

Their last concert I went to was three years ago or so in Colorado Springs events center. That concert just blew my mind. When everyone was walking out, it was silent with jaws open.

Everybody be sure and BUY the CD rather than download it illegally somewhere or burn it from a friend. Most of us can cough up $15 or so every once in a while to support the bands we love (and yes, the record companies, too, boo fucking hoo).

We want Tool to keep making the amazing music they do.

This has to be the greatest weekend ever. KBPI (our Denver radio station) is playing all the tracks from the new album over the weekend. I’ve heard 3 so far: Jambi, which is similar to the hard sound of Vicarious, 10,000 days, which is more of the melodic sound, like you would hear in “The Patient” (Lateralus) or Push-It (Anema), and Rosetta Stoned, which is a mix between Third Eye (Anema), Eulogy, and Sober.

All in all, they are all amazing, and this has the chance to be the best Tool album yet.

[quote]Norweige wrote:

We want Tool to keep making the amazing music they do.[/quote]

I second this. In 2001, Lateralus was #1 on the charts for 2 weeks. Let’s get 10,000 days at #1.

Just heard the song “The Pot” on the radio. WOW. It’s like “46 and 2” meets “H.” AWESOME.