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Anybody going? I'll be at the Toronto show Jan 25th



If you haven't been, these guys put on probably the best show of any band I've seen. They're one of the most instrumentally talented bands out there right now, and if you haven't seen a Danny Carey drum solo, you're in for a treat!


Love this band sucks they are coming to Dallas but not Houston.


My favorite band.....

When the hell are they going to release a new album?!?


Also my all time favorite band, saw them last time they came to Dallas, hopefully I'll be able to see this one too


I ask the same question as well...


I've seen them once, they were great. I wouldn't pay all that money to see them again though. I'm use to going to cheap small concerts.


I have not been to a concert in 20 years, how much are they now?


It depends.

We just had Five Finger Death Punch here and the tickets were $8.97


Depends on the city.. but it looks like cheap seats (upper deck) start at 85$ each.. lower deck seats somewhat facing the stage (i.e. not behind it) start at 400$.. and we're not even talking like front row seats lol.


My favourite band too, and I've seen them the last 4 times they've come to Australia.

However the last time (last year) was the least impressive - no new material and they didn't rework any of their old stuff like they sometimes do. But then again, they were still Tool.

BTW the band that opened for them was fantastic - called Jakob. New Zealand band that apparently been around for a while, worth listening too if you're a Tool fan. Instrumental mostly.


Hell yeah...Grand Prairie....Jan 21st...I'm in.


I saw them last year and paid $75 for seats that weren't very close. On the contrary, I just paid about $30 to see NOFX and Lagwagon.