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Tool of the week

After much discussion with Jared, I’ve decided to start a tool of the week thread. The rules are we define the tools. No forumites, just celebs and dumbasses in the news. No politicians, since that’s to easy.

This weeks nominees were 1. Oprah,  2. Ben and JLO, 3. JLO   4. Jessica simpson    5.  Ben. 

Anvil head was quickly eliminated. JLO might be hot, but 100 million or so will allow him to survive.

JLO is just not important enough, and who cares about them as a couple.

Jessica is a little dim, but not that toolworthy.

Thich leads to Oprah. The queen of concern. The woman who gave us the connection. The silly ass book club. Dr. Phil, he shudders. This should be a lifetime award, but the weekly feature has to start somewhere.

I would like to unnominate ben because of his involvement in various Kevin Smith movies.
and he was the bomb in phantoms. hehehe
:slight_smile: Groove

She just sucks the testosterone right out of the nation. She give excuses to the fat cattle to stay as they are or to accept baby steps as accomplishments. She’s one of the main reasons our boys are growing up neutered today.

Something must be done to stop her.


Anyone watch Jessica Simpson on MTV? She’s one spoiled woman. Even though she is hot, I stil think she would drive me crazy. It’s either that or the way MTV portrays her.

  I am welcome to suggestions for next week's tool. However Jared and must be the final arbitrers, since we called it first.

JasonL - she will get her turn sooner or later. She seems like an outrageous bitch.

Oprah–die bitch.

irondoc and Jared!!,
Such a great idea fellas. This week’s vote def goes to Oprah. Although Bennifer is a close second.

Jessica Simpson is just like a skinnier Anna Nicole. Watching the show actually makes me feel bad for her husband. He seems like an OK, regular guy, and not nearly as much of a fag as I had expected (not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

bald - your analysis of Jessica and her husband is dead on. I thought he’d be a homosexual too, but he seems like a really nice guy. He’s just there for the pooty. But now he’s trapped. Poor schmuck.

I nominate Gray Davis, as well as those three judges who blocked the California gubenetorial recall vote earlier this week.

Tools all of them.

Jessica Simpson is damn hot, but she’s a stupid ass, and a spoiled brat.

Did you guys see the episode where she was sitting on the couch eating tuna and she asks her husband “Is this Chicken of the Sea chicken or tuna?”

What a dumbass.

Not a big Oprah fan…but J-Lo is a succubus. If someone could figure out what her song is and sing it backwards, she’d be gone. (I hope someone is working on that.)

Ben finally figured it out…or the whole thing is was a hoax to begin with. He’s not so much a tool as he is knob. I think he’s been good in exactly one movie…and no, not “Good Will Hunting.”

Yeah expected Nick Lachey to be kind of a fag too, but he seems like a really cool guy. Jessica Simpson may be hot, but she sure is stupid and spoiled. I loved the camping at Yosimite episode when she is complaining about how hard the hike is. Nick said he had a five year plan to cure her of her spoiledness.

For you Oprah!!!

Yeah I’ll admit it, I watch the show Newlyweds and I agree that Nick is a pretty cool guy and that Jessica is such a spoiled princess. She is soooooooooo sloppy. I think it was in the first episode where she wanted to get maid and Nick made the comment to someone else that it was ridiculous to hire a maid for the sole purpose to pick up after her (Jessica). Its not their job to follow you around and pick up your dirty clothes and dirty dishes. She is just one lazy girl. But she is hot…;o)

When is this show coming to Canada! I wanna see!! :wink:

We should do this for forum members.

I nominate STOlT for tool of the week. Him, and his 100 aliases.

Is STOIT a bigger tool than Oprah?