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Tookie Wiiliams

I was watching tv last night and saw s documentary called “American Gangster” about Took Williams. While this guy was a bad dude and did a lot of terrible things, he did have an amazing physique. His friend said he measured him having 21.5" arms at a height of 5’9! That’s just radiculous.

They showed him on a gameshow and he honestly had one of the biggest chests I’ve seen If he wasn’t into gangbanging so much I think he could of went far in bodybuilding. Anyone else catch that show?

Yeah, sure is too bad they executed a convicted murderer like that.

He coulda been a champ…

Didn’t catch it, I meant to (it was on BET right?)…I think you missed the point of the show though (kidding).

I’ve read/watched things about him before…as ‘crazy’ as he was, he seemed very mentally acute I’m sure he would have done well at anything he had pursued with the same relentless vigor he exemplified in the ‘streets’.

that being said, I was NOT on the “free tookie” bandwagon.

And since I’m getting off on tangents.

What is it with badmothafuckas having punkass names?

TOOKIE? Badass gangsta founder of the crips?

WINKY WRIGHT??? If I got my ass beat by a dude named winky i’d commit suicide…

TIKI BARBER? come on now…

(for the anally retentive on this site: i’m joking dont get all bent out of shape)

Not the first complete waste of natural talant out there.


One of the advantages of being a badass is that you can get away with a “soft” nickname.

Of course he had an impressive physique. What else did he have to do but lift and give up the booty?

They DID finally FREE TOOKIE with a lethal injection.

The only fun fact I know of Tookie is that when he got shot twice all he did was laugh, shot back and laughed again.

He was no gangster. Al capone was a gangster. Gotti was a gangster.