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Took Tren Extreme at 17 years old | No Pct! What should I do?


Hey everybody,

Back when I was in high school (2007-2008), i took tren extreme . At that time I had little to no knowledge of what it was or how to deal with a pct after the cycle. I admit I did limited research and being young and stupid, thinking I was invincible or whatever didn't even take a pct after. I was basing this products safeness off my peers gains and there apparent health at the time.Now, I'm 24 years old and have a low sex drive, test levels are in the 530's and I'm starting to have hair loss thinning (loss). Is there anyway to jump start my system and repair what I have fucked up, or am I screwed?

I know I've already kind of "made my bed" here and I'm not going to be able to go back and replace what stupidity has already caused, but I have my first child on the way and want to be here and healthy for as long as possible.

Thanks in advance for any advice , I appreciate any help offered.


530 isn't that low....

a bunch of questions:

how's your diet?

what's your bodyfat?

what's your training/activity like?

how much do you drink/use drugs?

what are your other hormone levels (thyroid, prolactin, estrogen, SHBG, etc)?


530 is just a number. Some may feel great at that number some may feel like shit.

There could be other determining factors that are causing your symptoms. You need other blood work done to find out why. Low sex drive isn't just a low T issue.


Diet is good. Eat a well balanced diet.

Body fat - 11.4

Don't exercise anymore. Still work construction and get a lot of activity that way. Going to start lifting here in the next week though.

Don't drink or use drugs . Haven't for like 7 months now.
As of 9/23/2014...

Prolactin - 9.9 ng/ml
Estrogen - 18 pg/ml
Test - 511 ng/dl
Free Test - 0.410

This are the only ones I have had done. Along with some basic metabolic .


huh... i'd say check your vitamin D as well, but i'm guessing you're prolly good if you're outside most of the time.

did you get your thyroid checked as well? that can make you feel run down, and lead to thinning hair, dry skin, etc...

FWIW, a couple years back i thought i had low T and it turned out to be my thyroid...

a couple supplements can help you... ZMA, D-aspartic acid (3,000 mg/day, and limit this to 2 week cycles, though).

you could try a SERM, but it's not a fix, really. if it works, then you're prolly gonna need to take it long term.... there have been some studies of using Clomid in TRT, and it does boost test and LH, but many of the users don't feel as good as they do siimply by taking test.

if you're looking at trying a SERM, then i'd suggest either Toremifine (60 mg/day) or clomid (25 mg/day). (** i don't think Nolvadex is a good choice here, as this might be long term treatment, and Nolva is not a good idea for that**)


Thanks for all your help. Anybody else have any experience with this? Or any other suggestions. Just trying to hear from as many people as possible on this topic.



Get blood work before you try anything


Try going to the TRT forum and read the stickys, they are very helpful