Took Too Much Anastrozole

Been on TRT for years. Felt like I was getting a little gyno. So I took some Anastrozole (I thought it was a low does) bottle says 1.5 and I took 1/3 of a dose. Still feeling like shit I went and got my blood work done and then came home and took more AI thinking my E was high. Just got my results back and my E was already low and I took more AI. What should I do? I feel terrible. Will more test help or should I wait it out?

You could wait and let it return, run a higher dose of test to get more e2, or use something like dbol (or beer lol) to bring it up. This advice is more from a pharma standpoint than a TRT standpoint.

Been on for years and all of a sudden you felt like you were getting gyno ?? Did you change something or add something and nolva woulda been the thing to take not Anastrozleā€¦also its a bottle, so your using some pepetide company or ugl for your AI ? Being on TRT for years you did a lot of shit wrong !!

No more test will not help in the short term because the aromatase enzymes are mostly blocked and after taking more AI soon estrogen may be undetectable.

You will have to ride this out until your recover from crushing your estrogen. One thing I have noticed over the years is everyone recovers at different rates, I recovered very quickly (days) and have seen some guys takes weeks and in rare cases longer to start feeling good again.

Thank you!!!

Drink some IPA and eat soya. Worth a go!

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