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Took Too Much Anastrozole?


I take .5 every other day, I accidentally took 1.5 today will I have any adverse effects??


popping/hurting joints, mood swings, everything else associated potentially with low estrogen. unless you are an overresponder it shouldn't be that bad... heck I was taking 3mg Arimidex DAILY and it only pushed my estradiol down to 15.


Thanks bro that's what i figured..


Not from one isolated time taking just 1 mg over the normal dose.

Orange, just skip your next dose and resume as normal at the following one.


What's up bro did you ever get Walgreen's discount card, and thanks??


Not yet man...Im currently buying my aromasin from an indian pharmacy that I found and figured out how to get my insurance to pay for the test (now paying $10 for the 200 mg/mL @ 10 mL!). This is working out well, but I still have that thread bookmarked in case I need it in the future! Appreciate the info.