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Took Liquid Nyquill, Still Reach Ketosis?


Short intro: I've been injured for 4 months. Chronic back pain due to muscle imbalances that I'm still trying to figure out and correct. I can't do squats or deads. I've lost at least 5 pounds of muscle and put on 10 pounds of fat. I've grown a belly. I was at sub 10% body fat before. I had never felt better in my life then I got hurt and fucked it all up.

Well I've been on a NO carb diet for the past week. 4 to 6 meals a day, chicken, lean beef, and turkey, with shots of olive oil, and peppers/broccoli to keep me satisfied. Its the hardest thing i've ever done.

Last night I felt like shit and took a serving of Nyquill to put me to sleep. Right after I took it I thought "holy shit" and looked at the ingredients. I was right, HFCS. About 20 something grams of it and 90 something calories.


I was starting to drop fat FAST. And now I'm trying to do damage control. I believe I was on the brink of reaching ketosis if I hadn't already. Did I just fuck that up? Anything I can change to help void the friggen nyquill?


Start the next day with a high fat-low carb meal. Do some low-intensity cardio and eat slightly less than usual. Eat high fat meals.

You should be back into ketosis by the next day.


better yet, don't worry about it because being in or out of ketosis has NOTHING to do with fat loss.

Ketosis simply doesn't matter unless you're an epileptic child.

90 calories is not going to make or break your diet.


Wow, and JM thought my post about Gatorade having trans fat was bad.

Low-carb NyQuil, I could make a fortune




Jesus christ people need to chill the fuck out.

Your fat loss will still progress just fine. Too much science makes people lose sight of the bigger picture when it comes to exercise nutrition.


Ok, thank you to those who aren't 12.


I see your point, but I would argue it's too much dogma and too LITTLE science.


Perhaps there is no such thing as too much science.


x 2.

I also don't think 20 carbs will kick you out of ketosis anyway. Not that it matters really.


Fuck ketosis anyways.




are u doing the Atkins Induction? since u probably train more intensely then the average Atkins dieter a few grams of carbs here and there shouldent effect u reaching ketosis.


Go back to protein-fat meals and have a dose of leucine with each meal. But seriously, relax. The impact this could have on progress is beyond negligible.


No I'm not on the Atkins diet. Its my own variation of the get shredded diet. I am not taking any supplements. The reason is $$$$


You got money for Nyquill though.


Pick and pry at my personal logic all you want, buddy.


lol. I was JK!!




This is a ridiculous thread but incase anyone cares, Tylenol flu and cold uses sucralose and not high fructose corn syrup! GG Splenda.