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Took for my first doasage of hot rox today

For those that care:

One pill in the morning, one pill in the evening. Gonna move up to 2 in the morning, 2 in the evening next week. Did my workout, ate clean.

Felt no noticeable effects.

Keep us posted!


My experience with Hot Rox was also that I “felt” no “noticeable” effects…until I realized I was going through each day without the craving for snacks. Between-meal munching had disappeared, because I just didn’t ever get the thought “Hey. I’m a little hungry! Where’s that _______?”

Must’ve axed a few hundred calories per day at least because of that; very nice.

Good luck.

picture diary is worth a thousand words…


i noticed on my first dose today (1 pill)…the warmth didn’t hit til about 30-45 mins later…but it was definitely noticeable. also noticed the appetite suppression.

To be honest, when I start taking my Hot Roxx all I want is the benefit of an increased fat-burning metabolism. I would prefer not to feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and I have never used a supplement, other than caffeine, that had a “noticeable” effect on me…other than the bottom-line results (i.e., MAG-10 increaing my recovery time/strength, Surge improving recovery, Tribex making me slightly more agressive in the gym).

If Hot Roxx helps me lose fat more quickly and also helps maintain my strength levels, I’ll be sold on the stuff! I won’t know the answer to that until at least two weeks on it…I’m skeptical of any immediate effects anyway, as that doesn’t mean squatto in the end…only the results do!

I never really noticed the “warm” feeling that others talk about. Sometimes I would get a slight niacin flush that lasted a few minutes, but other times I wouldn’t feel anything.

Maybe mine was defective, because I didn’t lose fat 1600% faster than with other supplements, and I wasn’t down to 3% bf in a week… Oh wait… that’s hydroxycut, my bad.

I can tell it worked, I lost a good bit of body fat, but just never had the “warm fuzzies”