Took Bad Advice. What Are My Consequences Now?

So I’m a 26 year old male 180cm and 80kg
Started bodybuilding a year and a half ago at 68kg.

Anyways I’ve been getting all my info from some dodgy Arabs that own a supplement store. Thought the advice and roids I’ve been getting from them was pretty good. But after googling more info, a lot of stuff I’ve been told is utter rubbish and probably just the guys wanting to make money off me.

For the last 6 months I’ve been taking 20iu GHRP6.
For the last 3 months I took 20iu IGF 1LR3
For the last 10 weeks I was taking 1mL Test 400 EOD

I stopped all 3 about 3 weeks ago after getting some weird shoulder acne and was advised to take HCG for 5 days with 40mg Clomiphene Citrate for another 7 days after the HCG.

When I returned to the store to get more Clomid the guy told me that I didn’t need it and could start cycling again.

He suggest a Trenbolone and Test Prop cycle which I stupidly agreed to, not having done proper research on the importance of PCT until now.

Today is the third day of 1mL Tren and 1mL Test P on alternating days and I feel like absolute garbage. I’m getting crazy mood swings, tired as all shit.

How stupid am I and how do I fix this? What if I was to continue the cycle anyways? Would I have already caused long term damage at this stage?

This isn’t terrible advice (although 7 days is too short)

THIS is terrible advice

Meh I wouldn’t say you were stupid, I’d say you blindly followed advice without knowledge on the risks or how to use the drugs properly, the vast majority of the populace is like that though, 99 percent of guys who get meds prescribed to them don’t know ANYTHING about the drugs they’re taking, granted this is a bit different as a doctor is a very knowledgeable individual when it comes to pharmaceuticals and you took advice from a couple of gym bros but the philosophy still stands, most just let others make decisions for them, and tend to follow others blindly like sheep, especially in high school. My god…

If you were to continue the cycle, who knows, you might feel like shit, you might feel great… If you feel shitty it’s probably the tren, but there’s far bigger issues to worry about than testosterone production from staying on high doses without breaks. Anabolic steroids and other PED’s need to be taken responsibly (I EMPHASISE RESPONSIBLY), otherwise you’re putting yourself at a sharply increased risk for heart disease (coronary artery disease, left ventricular hypertrophy, dialated cardiomyopathy), which can be deadly if not treated in time (more and more case reports are flooding out of young men abusing anabolic steroids, sometimes for short periods of time (say 2 year years) developing cardiomyopathy supposedly from AAS use (although I believe genetic predisposition plays a huge factor), other risks from blasting without breaks? If you’ve got acne, you keep blasting the acne will inevitably scar if left uncontrolled, acne scars are very unanesthetic, a sharply increased risk of stroke if the blood becomes too thick, infertility (although typically fertility comes back, a few rare cases of permenant infertility from continuous blasting do exist)

There’s a reason these drugs are meant to be cycled and used as sparingly as possible, these are amazing drugs, but like most drugs, abuse can carry serious risks. Stay safe.

Whether you’ve already caused any permenant damage, probably not, you haven’t been on long enough, unless you have an undiagnosed heart defect/ familial heart disease the chances of you having caused permenant damage are very low. Just come off and give you’re body time to recover PROPERLY, then think about you’re next cycle if you’re still interested (some people are happy with one cycle, it’s rare but it happens)

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I saw Dodgy Arabs open for Oasis at CBGB in 1995.


I always take whatever a sup shop says with a grain of salt… remember their primary goal is to sell you supplements. You have to look at multiple sources. good for you to come to T-nation.
Yes, I am sure there are good guys/gals out there.


Thanks so much for the replies. I really appreciate everyone’s advice!
I was freaking out after reading about infertility issues, high risk of heart attacks etc.

I’ve read on other articles that other people who have only had a 2 week break between cycles have ended up with a multitude of problems.

I’m still curious as to why I feel like absolute shit. Is it the stopping of peptides or the short duration?

At this stage I’d like to continue the cycle as I’m already 3 injections in and have just given up cigarettes after 10 years so have been seeing great weight gain.

At the end of the cycle with proper PCT would I recover back to original?

Should I take Tren E 200mg + Test P 100mg EOD or on 3 day Tren/Test/Off??

When can I start taking GHRP-6 again? Is it
better to stack it now or save it for my PCT?

Apologies if these are stupid questions but I have no one else to ask and don’t want to take anymore advice from the supp store guys!

I am a natty lifter So I cannot give you specific advice, but it sounds like you are not ready for what you are doing. I suggest you have a game plan before you start playing with hormones. More Homework

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This is called sunk cost theory and it’s how good businesses go bankrupt and how some smart (and many, many not-so-smart) people end up destroying their lives. Don’t be one of the dumb people. Stop what you’re doing immediately. Stop everything. Wait a week, run a proper PCT, and then get blood work done once you’re a few weeks out from your last day of Clomid. You have two choices. One of them will very likely get you feeling better and back to normal, one of them could make you feel a whole lot worse for much longer. That’s called asymmetric risk. Don’t be on the wrong side of asymmetric risk.


I will take this advice and stop.

Would it be acceptable to jump back on GHRP6 in the meantime?

No. Here’s why: GHRH-6 signals the release of ghrelin, which stimulates appetite. If you’re worried about gaining weight then the last thing you want to do is amplify the amount ghrelin that’s being released. You will be insatiable. If your stuff is legit then you’re already like that, right? Now add into the mix an endocrine system that is trying to return to homeostasis. You’re going to have enough to worry about as it is. Don’t overcomplicate things. Get through your PCT first. After that you can reassess whether or not you should be on anything.

Okay, are there any peptides that would help me recover in the meantime? I feel absolutely awful at the moment and even after 8 hours sleep I feel like I can barely keep my eyes open.

I know I really messed up and should have done my research first but at this stage just want to be functioning again.

And as for my PCT, my last injection was yesterday 1mL/100mg Test Prop.

How soon can I start my HCG. How many days do I take it for?
How much Clomid do I take and for how long?

Anything else I can take to help me feel normal again?

Goddamn I know I really messed up now :frowning:

You can take the HCG any time during a cycle or when coming off. Guys run it in some very interesting ways, but the main goal of it is to keep your testes functioning properly. You don’t need it during pct. You probably can run it lower for two weeks and start your pct. Or you can skip it and start pct in six days. Clomid at 50mgs ED for two weeks, then 25mg ED for two weeks. Then nothing. For a while. Get blood work seven weeks from now.

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As for peptides, forget you even heard of them. Wipe them from your mind. You can revisit them later down the road. For right now you need to focus on the tried-and-true recovery, which is a SERM (such as Clomid), and you need to not throw anything else at your body for a while. You’ll feel better. It’ll take time. Trust the process.

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Thank you so much iron_yuppie! I’ll take on board and follow your advice. I am getting HCG this afternoon and hopefully over the next couple weeks can start to feel normal again!

Thanks again for all the advice!