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Took Anastrozole Yesterday, Take Another Today/Tomorrow?

I went in for 1 month check in and labs today (been on 150mg test cyp for 4 weeks).

I mentioned to the doc that my libido has tanked in the past two weeks (it was pretty good pre-TRT, it dropped alarmingly to nothing), and that my anxiety has spiked. The obvious assumption is estrogen. I won’t have new lab results til next week, but based on symptoms, the doc gave me a few 1mg anastrozole tablets, cut into quarters. I popped one .25mg piece during the appointment.

I know I need to wait til I have labs back to calculate the actual AI regimen I need on a longer term basis, but in the short term, the zero libido and anxiety thing is terrible and I want to counteract it ASAP.

Question: is it beneficial / safe to take another .25mg of anastrozole today or tomorrow? Or more over the next few days?

Pre TRT I was at:

  • Total T: 458
  • SHBG: 55.2
  • Free T: 6.74
  • Estradiol: 18.3

I get severe anxiety, and it sucks. Unfortunately, you have to kind of figure out your own dosage schedule. You should be fine taking a quarter every third day. For anxiety, try diphenhydramine. It’s the main ingredient in OTC sleep medication as well as OTC allergy medication. Good luck. Let me know how it goes.

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Thanks - I am fairly optimistic that any hormonally induced anxiety will be manageable longer term, once I have an AI regimen that’s informed by updated labs. I’m more just thinking about the next few days, and the libido issue is almost worse in the short term :slight_smile:

Appreciate the tip on diphenhydramine too, will look into that.

I can see why you’re on 150mg weekly, high SHBG. You’re likely ending your TRT honeymoon phase, it happens when your pituitary gland sees you’ve got plenty of T in your blood, now you must wait for your body to adjust which could take months.

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I kinda assumed this would be the case (initial rise, then tinkering for a bit til finding right protocol). It feels shitty to be taking T and having my libido disappear as a side effect, but as long as I don’t go back to pre-TRT energy / mood, I can ride it out until things are figured out. Here’s to long term optimization.

You should self-inject T twice a week and take 1/2mg anastrozole at that time.
Weekly T injections typically delivery problems.

An effective anastrozole will probably show good results in 5-7 days. Read about anastrozole over-responders.

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Thanks - for now, I’m sticking with the .25mg dose I took after my last 150mg test cyp injection. I don’t want to overdo it before I know how I respond to anastrozole (re: over-responders).

Once I get labs back next week I’ll work with my doc to plan a good AI regimen, then do labs again after another month with an AI to fine tune. Definitely moving to 2x/week injection protocol soon too.

Appreciate all the help!