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Took an SD Clone Without Knowing

This is dumb. Believe me whatever you say to berate me here is not half of how much I have berated myself. So as my first post, I ask that you leave that part out. :frowning:

So I was taking Cellucor P6…friend says, take it to the next level, take this (shows me the Geared Up Nutrition Totally Stacked and Jacked Combo…includes a cycle of Torqued - the SD clone, Juiced, and Rebuilt - the PCT).

Honestly, I didn’t know what Superdrol was. I did Google searching on the combo to try to get an idea, I got a lot of hits on BB.com and stuff saying they never heard of it. Only recently I found some results saying it’s an SD clone.

What made me start to delve deeper? ZERO, zip, nada sex drive. Nothing. Even my unusually large-sized balls for a dude have shrunk. This is in about all but 5-6 days away from the end of the cycle. I have bad back pains, but I’m not sure if that’s from the SD or my already bad back (I’m 32 and been in the military 13 years, etc).

No signs of gyno, although I read that it can be a delayed onset (usually from what I read though, it’s from people not doing PCT, or doing extended cycles like six weeks on, one off, six weeks on…or someone that is 17 years old etc). I did have the higher BP oddly enough one time at the doc (134/85) but then a week or two later I was at 105/67 or something lower.

So, I really started freaking out last night after researching (the panicking lead me to learn some search terms I didn’t know BEFORE I started taking it, which then allowed me to read more). For example, searching for Torqued side effects was almost worthless, but once I learned it was a SuperDrol clone, that really expanded my ability to search.

I am taking a liver protector, the whole time. Geared up sells it with the package, it’s called Liver Gear. I have the Rebuilt PCT that they sell, but I haven’t started yet.

So I have a few specific questions I haven’t been able to find answers to quite yet, which has lead me after this sleepless night to register here on the forum.

  1. Aside from perm liver damage that could result, especially if not taking the liver protector or milk thistle, could the other/libido issues be permanent?

  2. Given what I’ve told you, and assuming I follow the rebuilt MCT/PCT to a “T”, what are the chances of any sort of gyno?

  3. I have this unopened bottle of the Juiced sitting downstairs…is this basically more of the same (SD) or something totally different? Torqued I was able to find info on, I can’t really find crap on Juiced. I’m trying to decide if I should just skip the Juiced since I obviously freaked out and am not ready to be taking SD or any derivative.

  4. Can I stop the Torqued/SD immediately and begin Rebuilt, or do I need to phase in the Rebuilt? Everything I’ve read says they are in phases sort of, but then I stumbled across someone saying it’s best to start the PCT before you finish your cycle of SD so it’s not a “sudden” drop. But I only found one person saying that.

Any other suggestions, besides obviously learning a valuable lesson that there are some very legal substances out there that have potentially very negative side effects?

Incidentally I just had blood drawn about two weeks ago for T levels, unrelated to any of this, but I haven’t gotten the results back as my doc is on vacation.

Some other things I take while on this (and in general)…daily MV, fish oil twice a day, vitamin C, Nitrocore 24 protein (about 125g spaced throughout four-five shakes a day), concret creatine, twice a day.

Oh boy,

get blood work done if you’re that concerned, no one but science can tell what you have or haven’t yet done to your body.

second, please stay away from pro-hormones and 99% of the stuff you buy on BB.com

Be safe, do real gear.

Agree with Garage sale…
Recovery from PH can be lengthy… bloods now if symptomatic and in 3 months…
Then consider " Real" gear as Garage sale stated…
Real gear has expected results, PH do not.

How long were you on these supps?