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Took a Shot with Normal Levels. Advice?

So I recently decided to quit trt being I’m 23 years old, went on Tomaxifin for about 1 month and stopped use. Got my bloodwork done about 10 days after taking the tamoxifen and began to feel very tired, lack of motivation etc so I decided to take a 25-30mg shot of test cyp assuming I’d be put back on trt. However I just received my labs (stupid to do that before I got the labs I know) and they are normal.
Test Total - 698 (250-1100)
Free - 116.8 (46-224)
Bio - 265 (110-575)
SHBG - 26
FSH 3.7
LH 3.4
Estradiol - 16

Basically have how bad have I messed up and what do I do? Wait it out? Take more tomaxifin? I took the shot 2 days ago. During this process I have taken small doses of anastrozle I’m not sure if that is important or not but giving as much info as I can. If you need more info please ask. Thank you guys in advance

Just wait, one shot won’t kill you. But lay off the AI, your E2 was too low before the shot anyway.


appreciate the quick response, does everyone else agree with this?

What does your age have to do with anything? Are we treating symptoms or your age? It sounds more like you got cold feet and forgot why you sought out TRT, which I’m going to assume is symptomology.

Total T numbers are irrelevant, your body responds to Free T which is mid-range and possibly using the wrong testing. So you ask can I agree, I can agree nothing is certain.

I’m curious if we are even using the correct testing methodology, the direct immunoassay for measuring Free T levels have been shown to be inaccurate and overestimates Free T, the gold standard is the equilibrium dialysis.


Yes. And taking another week of novaldex is fine too