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Took a 20 Year Hiatus

274 this am.
Contest in May. First one in 20 years.


So, first things first. You look great, especially at your age. Good job on keeping a solid base for 20 years.

Pros: Back, triceps, forearms. Nice V-taper even with the fat you’re carrying, which means that your taper will look even better when you drop the weight.

Cons: Your shoulders are very overpowered by your arms and back, especially your side delts. Your legs as a whole are lacking compared to your upper body, if you’re doing physique and wearing board shorts then no worries, if you’re doing open or Classic then it’s a different story.

We have pro BBers on here who can offer more advice concerning a timeframe for cutting/recomping. Just letting you know what I see right now.

Awesome job again on the solid foundation and props to you for being willing to put yourself out there after a long hiatus.

I agree with flap on all points. Props for getting back out there. I’d make legs a priority for sure but like he said that’s contest dependent.

Solid base to start from no doubts you can look great by the time you’re up there.