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Took a 20 Year Hiatus, Contest in May

274 this am.
Contest in May. First one in 20 years.


So, first things first. You look great, especially at your age. Good job on keeping a solid base for 20 years.

Pros: Back, triceps, forearms. Nice V-taper even with the fat you’re carrying, which means that your taper will look even better when you drop the weight.

Cons: Your shoulders are very overpowered by your arms and back, especially your side delts. Your legs as a whole are lacking compared to your upper body, if you’re doing physique and wearing board shorts then no worries, if you’re doing open or Classic then it’s a different story.

We have pro BBers on here who can offer more advice concerning a timeframe for cutting/recomping. Just letting you know what I see right now.

Awesome job again on the solid foundation and props to you for being willing to put yourself out there after a long hiatus.

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I agree with flap on all points. Props for getting back out there. I’d make legs a priority for sure but like he said that’s contest dependent.

Solid base to start from no doubts you can look great by the time you’re up there.

Last posted 11/18
Comment pissed me off
So i went after it.
Some progress


You are… an absolute unit sir

Extremely jelly of you’re tricep insertions

Constructive criticism would be… back (both width and thickness), and legs

Yeah back is a lot of real estate at 6’4”
And I had knee surgery in February so that’s a fight too.
But lots of following articles on here and shits coming together.


Sorry if my comment pissed you off, I was impressed then and impressed now. Your progress is awesome, your shoulders look bigger, you’ve lost a ton of bodyfat. You could give your legs an extra boost in size by training the adductors- would give thigh thickness without causing knee discomfort.
But yeah, you look awesome, hope I didn’t offend you, was just giving some constructive criticism purely from a BBing and aesthetic standpoint.

I’m 6’4ish as well, lotta back to be built, I feel you there. Wish I had those traps too…

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I like the spot where your hamstrings should be.

I also like the rest of your body. No homo

Lemme clarity.
I train pissed. So it was awesome to have someone, not family or a yes man give an opinion.
I take that shit and make it tacklin fuel.

Fucked up thing, hamstrings strong as hell. Just can’t see them with the naked eye…

More tacklin fuel


Amazing arms, delts and traps. Now go for back, legs and glutes and you’ll be the total package!

16 weeks out
Classic physique



Looking ah-mazing!!!

Very impressive, good job

Dude, your updates are awesome, haha. Lookin better every time you post. Awesome job, can’t wait to see the end product.

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no weight change
14 weeks to go.
had a quad “injury” and hematoma. want leg mass… not like

walking like Forrest Gump with the braces on all week.


I’ve been eye-balling this and you’re a fucking wild animal, man. No bullshit, just straight progress and quick results. That’s fucking motivating.

I appreciate that.
the right coach and right woman.
plus using a shit ton of info on here (100 reps a day leg press i think added a couple inches to my legs since i started).
more pics on friday


so couple of questions for all (tall guys chime in)

  1. chest. im still in a spot where putting on some size can happen. any input on hpw to hammer it and get some growth? anything thats worked for anyone?
  2. anyone whos competed - that vagina-esque scar in my stomach. count off for that? not a big deal?

You’re ahead of the game from me, but my chest is definitely my biggest bragging point. 6’3" I’m a pretty pec dominant bench(er). But if I had to pinpoint one thing that I feel more than the rest:

Chained DB Flyes do wonders for me. I usually do something light, 15-25lb dumbbells, + chains. Moderate stretch at extension, and blast up (without clanking weights) with a 1 second squeeze at the top. I’ll do a weight that gets me in the 12-15 rep range for 3 sets.

It can be a little sketchy with the chains, but once you get the rhythm it’s easy enough.

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Press/fly supersets were a staple for me some time back (6’3+ here).

Chest day was this:

Incline DB Press 10, 8, 6, 4
Incline DB Flyes 10, 10, 8, 8
(so 10 press and 10 flyes, 8 and 10, 6 and 8, 4 and 8, and increase weight on an exercise when the reps drop, meaning you increase the weight 3 times on your press and once on your flyes)

Then Flat DB Press 10, 8, 6, 4 and Flat DB Flyes 10, 10, 8, 8

and then if you’re brave, do the same for decline.

You can rotate in incline/decline bench (I’m not a huge fan of flat bench for chest development), cable flyes HTL, LTH, or parallel, smith bench incline/flat/decline, etc. But that rep scheme, increasing weight, and the pressing movement superset with the flyes movement is money. The most brutal combination I did was Incline BB with Incline DB Flyes, then Flat DB with Flat DB flyes, then Weighted Dips with HTL cable crossovers. May take a session to dial in what weights work best, but you’re generally aiming for hitting failure on the last 2 sets of pressing, and having the flyes painful enough that you want to quit every single set.