Took 800mg DNP by Mistake

Been using DNP for 8 days now first four days was 200mg, then two days at 400mg, and then yestarday 400mg in the morning and 200mg before bed, today (final day) i took 3 capsules in the morning, and now after dinner i was taking my vitamins and accidently took another dnp capsule so it’s at 800mg now, it’s a few hours since, i considered throwing up but i just let it be. I don’t feel horrible, I feel fine just a little warm. Everyday has been fine except some lethargy, but should i do something now? I’m drinking A LOT of water with ice and my bedroom is cold. I have put the dnp away now so i don’t make the same mistake again…

you should have thrown up. Not kidding. You’re approaching potentially lethal doses.

You should also discontinue use immediately, unless you have a death wish. There is a cumulative effect that can kill you if you take more than around 2g over the course of 4 days. you’ve taken 800, 600, 400, 400, for a total of 2.2g.

Seriously. You are risking death RIGHT NOW.

If I were you I’d seek medical attention immediately. You should be under medical supervision RIGHT NOW. This is not something to fuck with. Definitely discontinue use immediately.


Holy fucking shit… Woah… This is the worst possible way I could possible think someone would commit suicide through pharmaceutical overdose… I imagine the sheer level of discomfort prior to complete multiple organ failure and correlating coma would be immense

@flipcollar Have you used DNP before?

Minimum lethal dose recorded in relation to human consumption is 4.3mg/kg, that’s 301mg for a 70kg man… That being said it’s highly unlikely such a dose (4.3mg/kg) would kill an individual, it’s merely the minimum recorded LD. Jesus, it’d have been a far better idea to induce vomiting the second you’d noticed the dose you’d taken. At that point you could’ve ejected some (or all if vomiting is induced immediately after) the “medication” from you’re system

you’re fine , numerous ppl take 600 for a week straight and even more ……you’re an idiot for mistaking it for a vitamin but you’ll be fine

Dudes name is “just one time”, just thought that was worth noting.

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Depends on the individual, pharmaceuticals will react differently from person to person. As specified above, the lowest LD recorded in a human was a mere 4.3mg/kg. Individualistic reaction (esp if it’s OP’s first time using DNP) would dictate the notion of him taking such doses is absolutely ridiculous. He could very well be risking life threatening hyperthermia.

Even more worrying is the fact that he hasn’t been active for 6 hours (no update)

Like that time my intramuscular shot of test E totalled 15000mg instead of 150mg… it happens dude


How exactly does that happen, Lol. That’s 100 times more, probably several syringes.

I’m imagining a two liter bottle, with some ridiculous logo just full of ‘anabolic juice’.

I could see it now:
(artificial and unnatural flavors added)



have you taken DNP?

I can’t believe there are people actually willing to do DNP and risk it all. It must be really the most effective fat burner ever? yeah?

is there any way to actually do it safely?