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Took 4 Months Off, NO Physical Activity


I am starting from scratch basically i took 4 months off, went back today and did a pretty basic workout with reps between 18 and 20 and 4 sets a pop just to get back into the swing of things. i dont supplement and dont use test boosters.....my diet that started today is 4 meals daily biggest being breakfast usually eggs turkey bacon and cerial. prelunch is fruit and protien packed almonds lunch is usually veggie chicken or red meat stirfry and dinner changes but usually on the healthy side.....cut out desert and snack food, im trying not to eat anything that comes ina bag.

im kind of embarassed i let my self go this much but with school and work i didnt have time, or energy to stay in shape.

like or dislike rate it, this is my starting point, 6'1 277lbs


side view






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This isn't the place for this thread. At least post the mandatory pics.

I agree with everything BBB said. Well put.

OP, good luck get back into it.


Honestly that's nothing. After my last tour I shrank down to around 160 lbs. WTF kind of pity are you looking for?


We can tell.


Not looking for pity just putting up a starting point, and am trying to change my physique through diet and exercise. like i said no looking for pity


thank you, the cerial is for whats called a "lazy colon" high fiber cerial will help threw out the day with, umm how should i say shitting. lol and to add to say this is a starting point i did a strongman in august 2010 in atlantic city nj i trained specifically for it for a good 6 months witha strict diet and training regime. after that money got tight so training wasnt my main copncern. if you have any helpful tips on how to shed some fat while maintaining mass please let me know.

Thank you,


Ok I misunderstood then. To hold onto your mass while shedding pounds look into supplementing with some decent BCAA's during your diet/training. Pretty nice muscle-sparing effect.


appriciate it and thanks for understanding, ive never actually been a "beach body" even when i competeed in august i wasnt shredded i was just vascular and thick and its litterly because of my genetics. since i posted that, i am down to pounds which is good cuz im loosing fat and not muscle. its really tough to shed more then 1 to 2 pounds a week without losing strength/mass. so its a slow transformaton. i will prob put some training pics up within the week if i get a chance, i went to lift before school today and i did an "olympic" workout which basically boiled down to hang cleans, power cleans, snatch and split snatch, afterwhich i did a short plyo session and hit the heavy bag for a good 20 mines then static stretched and shower......im anout 274 as of right now. what also is good is i held my breakfast down wth that session. again thank you, and to the canook from quebec who clearly states likes poking fun at fat people because he dosnt have an ounce on him.......get some mass and call me, yes i know im fat but i can loose fat and be powerful.


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i would like to get around 15% bf, thats reasonable im not trying to compete in BB i just wanna shed the excess, the last time i was under 15% i weighed in a 256, and that was when i was playing college football and was prepping for the combines. so i was a solid 256. the problem isnt my diet ive gone to my gastrointestinal dr its a family thing, where defication becomes slightly difficutlt do to a genetic problem. its really not bad the cerial is just like i said to load up on fiber, and i try avoiding metamucile, it whipes me out. i know gross to talk about but its the truth, and cant avoid that. since ive started i have shed roughly 2.5 lbs which isnt bad cuz that means im gaining muscle and cutting out fat. but any insite on this would be very helpful, as well as legal supplementation.


495 6 reps no belt no straps


Strong DL man gj


I think you should make a choice man. You want to stay really strong but you dont wanna look like you ate all the donuts at your local dunkin donuts for breakfast each morning. This usually says your about to travel a long looooong road to your fat loss and looking good again. From my experience, guys forget how good they looked when they were leaner, and procrastinate doing it because of the dreaded strength loss. But when they get back to their former glory they are always happy they did it.

A REAL quick way to knock out the weight while sparing strength is T-Nation's own Velocity Diet. You could knock out this silly probably in a month. Itd cost ya about $500 bucks, but thats your food bill for a whole month.

BCAAs is a good idea too if ur losing the weight fast and need to say the muscle. That usually for a very low calorie approach

Most fat burner supplements up ur calorie burning by a 100-300 calories a day which can be helpful.

I know most heavy lifters dont wanna lower weights for anything, but why not turn your heavy moves into high rep, high weight such as that deadlift you posted. Put the weight somewhere hard and pump out 20 reps for a couple sets...it may burn some calories for ya! Most of your workouts should be full body on a weight loss routine, just center around big lifts and your strength should stay up.

100-150 carbs a day rule centered around pre and post workouts, add cardio afterwards all nice things that may help.

GL man


dude i dunno your one of the biggest people on here at first glance. Def not fat, I aspire to be you


Too chubby time to eat some more veggies!


THANK YOU! your input is greatly appriciated, i talked to my older brother, he has his CSCS, so he knows his shit and said bascially what you did, what we are doing is switching weeks, for instance this week is heavy, i do everything to the limit, with maximum amout of weights but nothing more then ten reps but no less then 5 or 6. next week i do nothing less then twenty reps and no more then 30.....the heavy weeks have an increase in warm up and increased cardio, the light weeks have more explosion training, such as short sprints and latteral movement stuff along with stretching, im gunna stay with this for a good 2 or 3 months and check my results. my diet has been modified daily, i finally adjhusted to not taking in things that are high in fat, i have been basically living on a caveman diet, MEAT AND VEGGIES, the only carbs and major fats i take in are within the first hour that i wake up. once again thank you and any more input would be extremely helpful