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Too Young?


ok so before i even ask ill post some background info on myself. I have lifting for 2.5 years in a powerlifting style. I am 5'6" 170#. In a "raw" (belt and wraps) competition i have sqautted 435, benched 300 and puled 420. I eat between 3800-4200 cal a day, 170-200 grams of protien and upwards of 350grams of carbs. also i am 17 years old.

I am considering doing a cycle. im not sure what of.. but it would be a very basic beginners cycle

Now for my question.. am i to young? not expereinced enough yet?

Thanks for any input


Haha, if that is your real numbers, and you've only been training for 2.5 years, you don't need roids, period.


DON'T DO IT!!!! Not for 4-5 years. Your test levels are at their max right now so make all the gains you can naturally. I'm SURE you have not come anywhere close to plateauing yet! If you do it now then you will fuck yourself and your gains down the road.


As soon as you learn to spell and punctuate, then you can take steroids.


You are too young to do AAS. Your numbers are impressive, so is your attention to detail and your diet. Your experience isn't the issue either, it all breaks down into your age.

At 17 your natural T levels should be sufficiently high to achieve without AAS. Secondly, men can continue to grow up until their 20's. Using AAS can cost you that last little bit of growth. I gained an inch and a half from 20 - 22 and I would be very upset at myself if I did not gain that last little bit of height.

Finally, AAS cycles are never without risk. At 17, I do not believe the potential to gain outweights the potential to lose. Continue to work hard, get a few more years under your belt, then come back and have this discussion again.


haha! yeah i know.. my typing skills are lackluster, im a smart kid but i have not figured out how to properly use a keyboard yet

thanks guys for the advice and positive input... i guess ill keep doing what im doing and reconsider juice when im older


Smarter than a lot of dumb ass high school kids who never ask for advice and juice up then pay the price later.


If you were lifting what you say you lifted, at your age, you wouldn't need roids, and you'd know that.


I call Joke thread.


Steroid use is not healthy at your age. You can stunt your growth and cause other possible long term health problems. I believe with your natural testosterone and growth hormone levels you have now, you can get great gains with diet and training :slight_smile:



I would have to agree with what everyone is saying; right now your test levels and the pumps you get are at their peak I imagine (I remember how it was at 17) don't juice up yet, it sounds like you are dedicated and know what you are doing. What at least until you are 22, preferably 23-25 at a minimum. Take some ZMA before sleep at night time and don't forget to rest!! Some times all you need to do is get out of the gym....


I never said i needed them.... and really alot of people who juice are bigger enough and strong enough to not need steriods, but it is a quick way to put on alot of mass.

and yes i am lifting what i say i did, i didnt come to this site to brag.. i came for advice and to learn.. so far i have gotten alot out of it. T-Nation is by far the most informative website that i have ever visited.


It must not be as informative as you think.

Otherwise you would have read one of the countless posts about how children shouldn't take steroids.


Too young to take steriods. I agree, and i'm the same age. Could we possibly take strong supplements for that extra boost but wont cause too many problems? And if so, names?


I tried DHEA, Tribulus even 1-AD and other types of andro when I was 16. I saw no negative effects except an empty wallet. Worse yet is I saw absolutely no positive effects either. Now AAS is far from tribulus but even if you went against every previous posters wise advice truth is it probably wouldn't do a whole lot for you. I've learned through a long hard process like most on here that no amount of supplements substitute for a superior nutrition plan. Take that extra money and go grocery shopping.


Thats the most oxymoronic statement I've ever heard.


A lot of us are guilty of typing too fast, not paying attention or just being lazy, myself included.

Now, here we have a "kid" that already is into PL (great!), has some damn good numbers already and politely and humbly asked advice about using AAS. He even asked if he was too young which shows you where his mind is!

Right off the bat he gets ripped for punctuation! How about complimenting him for seeking out advice and implementing the "BIG 3" in his training at age 17 and not benching/curling 3x/week?

Not only that but it appears he's listening to the great advice given and not snapping back to the smart-ass replies. Kids like this should be taken seriously because his mind is wide open and he's got the potential to positively contribute to this site instead of bringing it down to troll levels like has been happening over the past couple of years.


What can Masterdrol do to a 15 year old boy, a friend of mine has a brother and he just started a cycle. I want to know what can await in the future. Hes doing 20, 20, 30



First off, grats on the impressive numbers.

You had asked whats wrong with doing steroids at your age.

If you read these forums and many others, you will see the panic, frustration and fear the results when steroids are taken without proper research and body development.

Here is a recent post from a kid who developed gyno.

Every month or so we see these posts and just shake our head and offer advice.

Please understand, your body is developing just as fast and if not faster than any amount of steriods will do.
Your actions over the next few years will have a lasting impact on your hormones for the rest of your life. Let your body run its course, do the basics, lift heavy, train hard and eat a ton of good food and you will no doubt be far better off than messing around right now.

If you eat, lift, train hard, you will be massive and build a GREAT base for when you are in your twenties if you want to bring it to the next level.

Enjoy the free ride of free test.

Keep us posted on the numbers and progress though.


Hey dberg, hold off for a few years. We have a huge powerlifting team at our gym that includes a big group of guys who are around your age give or take a year or two. All of them are natural and have made HUGE gains just with eating and training hard. We have a 165er who is 18 and squats 550+ and a 19 year old super heavy (@315lbs) who squats over 900 all in drug tested competitions. So its very possible to get stronger naturally. Especially if your goal is powerlifting. Your natural test is at its peak, take advantage of that and hold off till you hit your 30's and the 'ol test begins to fade a bit.