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Too Young


It seems there are way too many young people (under 28) thinking about, doing cycles or on HRT.
This is how AAS regulations became stricter. This is how the restrictions can become harsher.
Their research appears hit-or-miss most of the time.
(Then we have to hear them whine about the side-effects.)

Sure, we all would like to see gains quicker, but at 22 years old?
What is going on? Is this a values issue? Media related?


Wrong board.


A few do have hormone collapse in their 20's.
This is sort of rare. But this group is not going down quietly and many are on the WWW seeking help. The Google qualities of this forum brings many here and that creates an exaggeration of things.

There are always the gear seeking idiots that hit steroid forums on the Internet a few land here and are not welcome. They are a disease in the serious steroid forum.


A lot of young guys searching for help. I am 24 and from Austria/ Europe..

For me Trt is the only thing that helps me ending my depression.

I had t-levels like a 80y old guy.

Maybe there would have been a way to survive this with three different ssris for rest of my life.

It is not normal to have those issues in my age. But i lived a life like there was no tomorrow for 10 years. Now i have to pay tje price.

But i really think some guys focusing too much on hormones. T wont fix up your life. Its a powerful tool. But it wont do your job. Use the power that is given by T and go out there fix your job, realstionship, body, diat and so on.

I ll stay on the tedt until i die. I d rather die with 40 having dome good time than beeng depressed until my 80s. Everybody who has been in a real depresdion would swap 10 bad for 1 good year....