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Too Young to Get into BJJ?


Is it non-advisable to get into BJJ before 16?

Just wondering because I am 15 and it is my dream to practice BJJ but I wouldn't feel comfortable if I was doing the the sport a dis-service by starting 'early'.

Also I wouldn't like to face prejudice by fellow BJJ practitioners in the dojo or conversely not be taken seriously and 'gone easy on'.

Thanks for your help if you can offer it.


A beginner will be gone easy on no matter what.
Swallow your pride and do it. Having a guy kick your ass when he's at 100 percent teaches you nothing.

We all gotta start somewhere and better sooner than later.


I guess if young kids to judo, you can do bjj...


You wouldn't be doing a dis-service...if this is your dream then go after it. Trust me,15 is not too young. We have a group of kids that are little beasts..including a 14 year old that can give the adults a hard time. Just get in there..show respect and hard work..you will be fine.


Gym usually make their own age policies - like a kids class up to a certain age and then past that you just roll with the adults. However, I've never experienced a "too young" mentality. Just show up and work hard and everyone will take you seriously. O

nce you get some experience and start tapping people you won't need to worry about anyone going easy on you.



It's not too young. My cousin started a little more than a year ago when he was 14, after already competing in wrestling for a few years. When he was younger it was fun to wrestle around with him, but I'm not sure I'd want to anymore. haha!


Younger the better imo...I wish I had started when I was like 3, I'd be bad ass by now


Judo grappling is generally altered for younger groups. For example, USJF forbids joint locks on the ground for kids under 16.

For the OP, it depends, at 15 do you think you're done growing? If not, just practice wrestling and such, but avoid joint locks


I thought BJJ was about gaining leverage etc. so size wasn't so important?

Anyway I'm about 6'1-6'2 weighing round about 180 pounds. But I'm definitely not done growing yet.

And to everyone else: thanks for the helpful answers.


the restriction doesn't have anything to do with size per se, it has to do with whether your bones are done growing. There is a possibility that repeated joint locks could cause stunted growth. Sounds like at 6'2" you're probably pretty close to being done with bone growth!

once your joints are up to it, you're right, BJJ has nothing to do with size


There is no such thing as too young when it comes to grappling. My judo instructor started teaching his kids when they were 5 years old. Gracie children get on the mat even younger. There is a danger to cutting weight at a young age, but unless you are planning on doing wrestling as well you shouldn't run into that.


You'd be surprised. The guys who improve the fastest don't spend all of their time rolling with white belts and blue belts for a reason.


I'm sorry, but you're going to have to qualify this claim. Does this mean Roger Gracie could've been like 7 ft tall if he hadn't started so young? Or Marcello's growth was stunted even though his parents are shorter than him?


Dude... i armbarred my umbilical cord.

the earlier you start the better, you're wasting vital time, you should be doing sprawl drills right NOW.

Wrestling might effect you more than bjj. wrestling practice is so much tougher than anything you'll do at a BJJ school...

If you really want to train hard not a fucking thing will stop you.


Ya I pretty much ONLY learned by getting my ass kicked...


My son does BJJ and he's 7. They don't teach them subs until they're older which is cool cause they can focus on their base: sweeps, passes, side control etc


I asked a striking coach i know at about what age should i have started training to become a pro in MMA (not that i want to, i was just curious.)

His exact answer 'very young'. He said i was about 10 years too late (I'm 19).



i wish i had started when i was 16


You can absolutely start at 15, plenty of kids wrestle and play judo at 6,7,8, .
I started playing Judo around 8. Does your HS have wrestling?
you might want to do that, its free. And youll work allot harder.
or you could double dip.

have fun.



Do it mate! It's best to start young, and because you won't be one of the strongest, be very technical.