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Too Young for ZMA?

Im 17, 5’7 and around 167 lbs… Am I too young to take ZMA?

I’ve always read that it helps improve sleep quality, which is why I would take it. Then, I looked at the page about it and it mainly talked about increasing T and all that. I know I’mm too young for prohoromones and all that stuff, but being in high school, I dont get quality sleep often. I want to try it to help with my sleep, but I dont want the whole increased T deal.

Any thoughts?

If you’re deficient, it should help in increasing T levels. However, if you’re just interested in better sleep, you may want to look into valerian root.

You may want to figure out what it is that is interfering with your sleep. Perhaps you don’t need any supplements at all?

Thanks, I’ll check it out.

Just as a little clarification, ZMA isn’t a prohormone the same way MAG-10 was (and I don’t think it’s technically called a prohormone).

In any case, zinc and magnesium help increase T levels by supplying the nutrients your body needs in order to make the amount of T it wants rather than stimulating higher levels of production beyond homeostasis (normal levels). It’s not dangerous in that regard.

That being said, Vroom may be right, it could simply be there’s too much light in your room, overstimulation before bed (like TV/video games), etc.


man, zma is only chelated minerals and vitamins, it wont do u any bad, just think about this: every time you give yourself a jerk, you throw away around 5mg of zinc, so as a teen, get ur zinc levels high LOL