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Too Young For This, But...

It looks like I have low T (or atleast low Free T). This is my first time posting here on the T-Nation forums. I thought it would be a good idea to ask some more knowledgeable users what they think of my situation. I’m only 24 years old and am pretty healthy with dieting and exercise, but here are my numbers. This test was taken at a place called “Any Lab Test Now”, no docs orders were needed.

Testosterone: 577
SHBG: 61
Free: 81
% Free: 1.4%

My symptoms are typical of low testosterone… lethargy, low sex drive, and mild depression.

I’m a little shocked that my numbers are this way at my age, but thinking back I now realize that my energy has been on a slow decline for about about a year or two now. My question now is, should I go see a urologist about this, or should I try and supplement and diet to try and lower my SHBG and estradiol (don’t have the numbers on this one, just assuming its high) to free up more testosterone. I’ve heard foods like broccoli are helpful for this.

Does anyone have experience in lowering their SHBG and estradiol through dieting? How hard is this to do and what are some other natural ways I could try improving my levels? If I need to go see a doctor that’s a valid answer too. I’m just a little hesitant about going on any TRT at my age considering I’m married and am thinking about future fertility issues. Thanks in advance.

Do not assume that a urologist has any idea how to deal with your hormones. You want to find the reasons for your problems and try to fix those. A uro will simply use T to treat the symptom. And in any case, with your levels no one will put you on TRT.

Read the advice for new guys sticky, carefully, and not the issue concerning things that can cause low T.
Report your body temperatures.

There is an other sticky concerning things that can damage your hormones.

We need stats about you and always include lab ranges with your lab results.

Loosing fat is a good thing, but some conditions make that difficult or impossible.

High SHBG implies high E2. E2 can be high because of fat or the liver is not clearing E2 from your body properly. That can be from liver conditions or drugs/chemicals that affect your liver.

Focus on the other health problem possibilities, not your low T which is really not very low. Cannot interpret FT without the range data.

" my energy has been on a slow decline for about about a year or two now" What happened before that which might have a connection.