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Too Young For Supplementation


To me, the article below is more than a little troubling. I think supplements can be a fine thing without a doubt and I know they have done a lot to aid me in my health, well-being and general physical performance... but a drink that is meant to "help" a kid "develop fully as a high-performance athlete" and fill nutritional gaps "in a sport that is physically and mentally demanding" is downright creepy to me.

First, pumping little kids full of caffeine? Yikes. Second, anything that further feeds into that ugly machine of parents pushing kids into being "high-performance athletes" is just not a good thing.



Ya know that is really just disturbing. But its not like this hasn't been done in the past. Oh yea and you think similar things with supplements haven't been done in the past? Look at the flinstone's vitamin and how they market it and then look at the increase of ADHD cases and tell me that giving a kid a block of sugar like that wont cause him to bounce off the friggin walls.


Definately a bad idea.


I saw that article yesterday and got a lot of good laughs out of it.

The funny thing is, the media and federal regulatory agencies SHOULD be up in arms about companies pandering these products to kids, but they're up in arms for the wrong reasons.

The tactic that they're currently taking is that taking a carb/protein/caffeine 'supplement' is going to inspire kids to go straight to steroids. As if even kids are unable to distinguish between a compound that is pushed on them legally from every venue and drugs that are, however safe or unsafe, useful or detrimental they might, illegal and demonized by the media.

The tactic they SHOULD be taking is that there is NO quality control. Most companies, and the one in question in particular, peddle products that are little more than corn syrup, soy protein isolate, and caffeine. If the regulatory agencies did the job they should be doing, Biotest would not be the only high-profile source of high-quality supplements that don't taste like shag carpet.


Yeah, especially since they dye it with petroleoum based food coloring.


I wish parents would just freakin learn to READ LABELS AND DO RESEARCH ON PRODUCTS!!!!! You know though, this doesnt just go for parents, this goes for everyone. If people would just freakin read the labels and "other ingredients" and do some research on what some of these "other ingredients" do to humans, we would all be much better off.


One small step for a company, one giant leap for the banning of supplements.

People won't distinguish between drugs and supplements.


parents give their kids, whoppers and big macs, that heaps more dangerous than taking protein, think about it


I can't believe people are trying to blame flintstone vitamins for ADHD.

[shaking my head]