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Too Young for Alpha Male?

Im 20 years old…too young for Alpha Male?

why do you want to take that? You have high t


[quote]Stone101 wrote:
You have high t[/quote]

How do you know this?

He may have high T, or it might be normal or even low.

To the OP:

There’s no way of knowing your T levels without being tested.

However, since Alpha Male is probably less expensive than blood test, I say give it a try and see what it does for you of you’re interested.

Besides, from what I recall, TRIBEX, which is the same as Alpha Male w/o Carbolin 19, was tested on college athletes at the University of Nebraska.

It’s not like it’s a steroid, so taking it would be fine.

HOWEVER, you might want to use this supplement in reserve for when you need to get over a hump.

Too young? No

But at your age it might be a waste of money.

[quote]Stone101 wrote:
why do you want to take that? You have high t[/quote]

holy motherfuckin’ shit! telepathic endocrinology! Motherfucker please, unless your tested there’s no way of determining you exact levels. I use my test results as justification for my actions. Don’t listen to the “You have the highest test levels you will ever have!” bullshit.

k dont listen to me stranberg. Take it

growing_boy…stone101 is actually a good friend of mine and knows what he is talking about…I was just thinking that the Carbolin 19 and extra test might be a beneficial addition


All this stuff about t-boosters not working when you are young is only partly true. It works better the older you are, but that doesn’t mean it won’t do anything if you are young.

I took tribulus when I was 17 and was training for rugby and I did notice a difference. A large enough difference it was worth the money.

You might feel it, you might not. If you have the money then try it.

thats what i was thinking…i just dont want to outright waste my money since it recommends no one under 21…i do feel as if my test could be higher…im also thinking about starting to use ZMA again…i feel like there is a difference when I am on ZMA just wanted to try out the Alpha Male and see what its like if it wouldnt be a total waste of money

You don’t necessarily have to use Alpha Male. If you want to try a T-Booster and money is a factor, TRIBEX is 30 dollars cheaper.

At your age, two words:
Nocturnal Emission.

Have fun with that.

I am 24 have been taking it off and on for about a year. The thing I notice is wanting to fuck… all the time. I wake up wanting fuck. I go to bed wanting to fuck. I wake up in the middle of the night eating out my pillow. These are just my experiences.

haha well i already am a chronic masturbator when Im not around my gf and with my gf…im sure shed love that which is a very big motivation for buying this product…Ive read about the sexual side effects and for that reason will probably only buy it (if i do) during the winter when I can see her all the time haha