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Too Stupid for Jail


There is apparently a new defense here in the Northeast, too stupid to go to jail (to smart for special needs jail).


Would any of you go A time to kill on a person an take them out after you know they have killed someone. Or What is the most ridiculous thing you have heard to get someone in trouble ( too hot coffee) or get someone off (glove dont fit)


Ooh... You can call people 'liberals.' You must be to smart two take this to the PWI forums.


Wouldn't this include most criminals who get caught then?

Really, if they were smart, they wouldn't be caught, right?

I guess it is one way to take care of prison overpopulation.


It was in the PWI they moved it over here...changed the last little bit to make it more Get A life friendly.


This is active discrimination against people with low intelligence.

Having a borderline IQ didn't stop George Bush from being president.


Fair enough. My apologies, only made the statement I did because I feel like broad generalizations about "liberals" and "conservatives" are extremely overdone... especially on this site.

That being said, I think the story is a complex with with a lot of interesting aspects to it. Do I think it's right to let someone off the hook for simply being 'stupid?' Probably not - but then again, look at how many people use the insanity plea and actually get away with that.

What's stopping someone from acting like a fucking moron in hopes that that'll keep them from behind bars?


Just goes to prove how dangerous idiots can be.

They should all be locked up.


Maybe she should throw gas on him and lite him on fire.


Of course he did actually have better grades than John Kerry in college, so we did get the brighter idiot.


All too true...but don't you think it is crazy for the government to say he is too smart for the special needs prison...Then go around and say he is too stupid for regular prison. I know a lot of things in life are very gray areas but this seems cut and dry to me. I mean we have children that go to jail here for murder but this guy gets nothing. It is crazy. Plus he has had multiple offenses all thrown out because he is right on the cusp of mental retardation.


"In February 2004, Falardeau allegedly attacked a guard at the Middleton jail during a head count. He had been jailed after a probation officer reported an angry confrontation with him in her office.

Falardeau was then charged with assault and battery on a police officer, assault and battery on an ambulance attendant, malicious damage to a motor vehicle, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in April 2006.

According to reports, he allegedly hurled an oxygen tank out a second-floor window, and attacked EMTs and police as the EMTs tried to transport his roommate to the hospital for seizures....The first time I hit him was in the jaw. Then I hit him in the forehead. As he was going down I hit him on the top of the head," Falardeau told police in reports. "The first punch seemed like a knockout."...
"I have a learning disability. If you think I'm going to remember these questions in court, it ain't happening," Falardeau allegedly told police."

This man is a public nuisance and should be put behind bars.Smart enough to know this...yet he remembers vividly how he killed the guy. Even insane people are not let go they are put in special housing and such so they can be evaluated. This just seems very wrong


that's like being the smartest kid with Downs Syndrome...


If you think about it, it makes sense.

I´d rather have the smart criminals locked up if I had to choose.


This guy wasn't smart and he wasn't locked up. He ended up killing someone and getting away with it.

You got your wish.


Actually I think only 1% of felony defenses use the insanity plea. Of that only 1 in 4 make it.