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Too Strong for SS?


At what point should you not do starting strength.

these are my lifts
BP 305
SQ 375
DL 425
OHP 185

I know i could use SS for as long as i like but with were my lifts are would i benefit more from another program.

Im 5'9 250 and im not sure about my BF%. I want to cut down but hold on to as much strength as i can. I figure this might help with a program suggestion


A: what are your goals?

B: Are you still gaining on it?


my main goal is to lose some fat i want to get down to around 200 but try to keep my power as much as i can

and my gains have slowed alot


SS is great for the first 6-12 months (depends on your dedication). After that, move to a program to meet your goals.

You need to add conditioning and fixing your diet to meet your goals.

Lots of articles on weight loss here. Doesnt matter if it's AD, IF, Carb Cycling, paleo, etc. Just pick one, stick with it. The best diet is the one you stick with. Just be smart about it.

For a program, take your pick. Just know that you will loose some power. Again, lots of articles here.


ok thanks for you help guys

i have seen alot about Wendlers 5 3 1. It seems you make slow but steady gains. So hopfully with a good diet and cardio i can cut the fat and maintain my power as best as i can.


That's a great idea.


Do the complete polar opposite, follow advice from the Chaos And Pain blog, with Bulgarian Wave Loading as a rough template
Just because


Buy the book and follow it, including the conditioning.

After a year, you will laugh at yourself for not starting sooner.



Just of of curiosity, what is your definition of "power?"


When i say power i mean how strong i am. I have many goal sbut one of my big ones is a 400 bench. IM at 305 now but i know with trying to slim down i will lose some but im fine with that. But at the same time i have a goal to do the gladiator run along with other things to test my endurance.


Move on to 5/3/1 or texas method


Do people even read anything the OP posts anymore before they just recommend 5/3/1? Why do we even have a beginner's section?


just to type 5/3/1 or SS


He mentioned it.


so im starting 5 3 1 on monday. My only issue is i dont know which assistant template to do. I can only do like 3 chin ups. Which assistant template do you ys like


It depends on what type of splits you like, what you suck at and what your goals are.

You say you suck at chins, well then you should probably include them in whatever template you go for.

Whatever you go for, remember to keep it balanced. So do atleast a 1:1 ratio between push and pull, so on upperbody days you can do something along this lines:

main pressing movement: 5,3,1.
a pressing movement: a total of 30-50reps.
a row variation: a total of 30-50reps.
a chins variation: a total of 30-50reps.

Offcourse you can do the excercises in a different order aslong as you do the main movement first( though some light sets of rows are great as part of warming up for bench ).
You can also do the rows and chins beetwen setts of pressing etc.

If you choose to do one of the fullbody variations, then the training days will look different offcourse.

In the end its the main movements and the ability to make progress on them thats matters, so aslong as you make progress on them and at same time are able to have balance then you are fine and dandy.

PS. I use at the moment the 2day a week template from the book and its probably some of the most minimalist template out there, but its great so far and its easy to stay focused on it.


Yea, probably because he's been lurking the forums and has been led to believe that that is probably the only program out there...lol.


i have a question about the chin ups. From the calculator im using its giving me 5 sets of 10. I can maybe do 2. So would i just keep on doing sets of 2 or 3 until i get to the total of 50 reps. I have found a program for pill ups for people who suck at it lol. But i dont want to change the program.

I know this is straying away from my 1st qestion but i do want to flood the forum with new threads


Yes just do plenty of sets with 2-3reps untill you hit 30-50reps of chins.


Try Boring but Big template -really ramps up the metabolism