Too Small

Sup guys, I’ve decided that to keep myself motivated to progress, I’m going to post my workouts here. Bash away.

College basketball (~1 season) and decathlete (4 seasons)
I’ve been lifting intelligently (ie not just curls and upright rows) since 2005, almost exactly 5 years. 23 years old, and I just started med school. I’m pretty big into the barefoot revolution, and frankly looking to see how living a bit more naturally (ie not sitting behind a desk all day) can help us live happily and healthily.
I just arrived on the island of Dominica to start medical school. I was making good progress all summer, and today was a disappointing lift, hence the need for this log.

Ht: 6’1"
Wt: 189lbs

Box Squat: 345x2 (today)
Snatch grip DL: 365x3 (~1yr ago)
Pushup: BW+70x1 (today)
Chinup: BW+85x1 (~2yr ago)

I’m going to air out all my excuses right now, and hope to have the sense not to revisit them.

  1. Both shoulders have been repeatedly dislocated, so pressing is hard. Particularly bench pressing, so I tried to keep it to a minimum. Recently, overhead pressing started hurting so I returned to benching (from pins) and floor presses.
  2. After realizing I had a pinched nerve in my hip I went to an ART specialist. After 2 sessions, I started squatting for the first time (ever) without pain. Within 1 year my box squat went from 255x5 to 325x5. It still hurts a bit so I back off of squats.
  3. Contributing to #1 is my awful posture (T-spine rounding forward and scapular protraction). I’m working on it.

That’s about it. I’m starting a deload now, so my next couple of workouts will be just light workouts to stay loose.

Gotta get in the habit of doing this on the same day as my workout.

Played basketball for ~40 minutes, first 5v5 fullcourt in at least a year. Hard on the low back but I don’t feel it this morning so it was worth it. My hops are still decent, which is nice to see.

Here’s my box squat. I realize it’s a little high, but I’m working on bringing it down.

Played basketball day before yesterday and sprained my ankle. It’s an ugly one but the swelling’s already going down. Gonna go to the beach today and enjoy my deload period and weekend before classes start.