Too Small to Wear Compression Shirts?

This may be a little bit of an odd thread but I’m curious
I’ve been lifting for about 2 years, the first year was pretty bad in terms of my workouts and diet, so I did not make a lot of gains, a little bit of strength but that’s it.
In 2016 I got a lot more serious and went from 152lb to 170lb, almost all of it muscle, I’m 6 foot 2 btw. And even though I know those stats may not be impressive to most guys here, I am a lot happier with my body now and more confident than in the past.
My question is this:
Would I still be considered too small to wear compression shirts? I think it would look kinda ridiculous if you’re a smaller guy, but i like them, but I honestly don’t want to wear it if I give the impression of being a small guy wearing one of those shirts.
Can you guys on here tell me whether or not you think it’s a go or no go for me?
Thanks everyone

Have ya tried the kids section?

Go! If you like the shirt why would you give a damn if someone else thinks you’re supposed to wear it?


My experience has been that ONLY small people wear them.


agree with pwnisher. my gym is FILLED with small guys wearing compression shirts. You’ll fit right in, if that’s the look you’re going for.


I have a few, along with two pairs of compression pants. :slight_smile:

Yeah, me too. Holdovers from my small days. I liked wearing them as a base layer when the garage would get to sub zero.


All shirts are compression shirts when you’re huge.


If they are tighter in shoulders arms, and loose in waist and they feel good fuck em.
Dude in 80’s guys would wear basically halter tank tops and Richard Simmons shorts.
In the 90s i wore MC Hammer pants to gym, i can’t remember what they called them. But my legs weren’t Tom Platz size by no means.

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I have plenty of compression pants. 4 pairs of tights and 2 pairs of the Rehband Warm Pants for strongman. I do all my squatting in one or the other.

I’m pretty sure there’s an underlying issue here. The fact that the thought has crossed your mind probably goes to show that you consider yourself small and blah blah, validation from other people. Just figure out what you want and work towards it. If you’re fine with being small and wearing compression shirts, do that. More power to you.

No one should wear compression shirts…not even JJ tWatt.

Like if i saw ronnie coleman wearing one, all I would think is “why is he so insecure about his size, he’s huge”!

Just wear compression sleeves and no shirt. One up the bros. That’ll show em.

In all honesty I wish I had pictures from when I first started lifting. All i would wear were under armour compression shirts. And I would roll up the sleeves. And occasionally wear those bicep sweatband things. I was so buff.

Now I wear sweatpants and a hoodie most of the time.


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I think they look good on athletic or bodybuilder physiques. But if anyone just likes to wear them, whatever. I just can’t get into the OP’s notion that someone has to have a specific sort of physique to wear something. I say if someone likes wearing something, then he should wear it, regardless of whether others likes it.

I once showed up to the gym to lift with my friend with my Under Armour compression pants with no shorts over them. My friend said, “Don’t talk or lift with me,” likely because some folks think men shouldn’t walk around in pants that show the silhouette of their junk and buttocks. Well, I didn’t give a rat’s ass and we lifted together anyway.

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