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Too Simple?


Hey guys I've been done with the Velocity Diet (freakin amazing program btw) for about two weeks now and I'm trying to find a good solid program I can make progress with. Any recommendations? I'm looking for something that will build strength and help continue my fat loss progress. I was thinkin about doing this program for a while. Any comments?

Monday: Heavy
1) Front Squat for 6x5
Rest 60 seconds

2) Push Press for 6x5
Rest 60 seconds

3) Pull Up for 6x5
Rest 60 seconds

Tuesday: Light
1) Deadlift for 60 reps
Ladder Technique â?? Rest 30 seconds

2) Bench Press for 60 reps
Ladder Technique â?? Rest 30 seconds

3) Barbell Row for 60 reps
Ladder Technique â?? Rest 30 seconds

Wednesday: Off

Thursday: Light
1) Front Squat for 60 reps
Ladder Technique â?? Rest 30 seconds

2) Push Press for 60 reps
Ladder Technique â?? Rest 30 seconds

3) Pull Up for 60 reps
Ladder Technique â?? Rest 30 seconds

Friday: Heavy
1) Deadlift for 6x5
Rest 60 seconds

2) Bench Press for 6x5
Rest 60 seconds

3) Barbell Row for 6x5
Rest 60 seconds


Whats your stats and goals?


just a guess

"I'm looking for something that will build strength and help continue my fat loss progress"


ultimately I'm after 250lbs at 7-8% body fat. As far as strength is concerned I have no physical goal, I mean I'd love to squat 600lbs bench 400 and shoulder press 300. Those might not seem to lofty but I need to start somewhere. My goals will grow as I grow


..yea prob should have re-read the OP's post before submitting my comment lol

If your looking for something that will increase your strength then using Dave Tate's 'extended tension' program should help you. I gained 10 pounds on my DB bench press so far, and have training partners that have similar gains. Try it out



That's all?


lol, yeah way to aim high :wink:


....How many solid guys do you see walking around at 250 pounds with 7-8% body fat? lol


That's Scott M's point.


sad this had to be explained


thought it was sarcasm lol


You still don't get it do you?


Tate's program sounds pretty rough. How long have you been at it? If I read correctly it's a 4 week deal and you never really increase the weight, just the amount of time/reps. I'm trying to pick up a program that I can stick with for a decent amount of time (several months) and still make progress.


Gee, build strength AND lose fat at the same time. Approaching things this way is a great way to run in circles for a few years.

Now, here come the posts about how this is "possible" written by people who barely look like they lift weights.


As usual this sarcasm speaks truth.

I am starting to wonder if the V diet is misleading too many t nation'ers. Unless you want to lose bodyweight + strength then do the v diet. If your goals are to lift more, and build more muscle....F ing EAT!!!

A liquid diet ain't going to cut it. Not to mention most of the people doing the V-Diet are jumping into it without even having tried eating clean, working out etc. Again I think based on studying this site for since 2002, the vdiet seems diametrically opposed to most peoples aspirations and goals.


It is and we have stated as such several times. This diet should probably not be sold to beginners the way it is. People need to learn how to see progress by eating RIGHT, not be guided into a "nutrient only diet" where they end up relatively lost as to where to go afterwards to continue seeing progress.

If they are leaving that diet under the belief that they will gain tons of muscle (this guy's profile lists him at 190lbs yet he wants to gain 60lbs of muscle while losing more fat????) while also getting ripped at the exact same time, then they probably weren't ready for it to start with.


Most true. For some reason I had not seen the posts warning caution against the vdiet. But X i can't agree with you more. Occasionally I accidentally click on vdiet training logs thinking i am getting the training logs.

I am shocked to see so many non muscular emaciated first timers trying to shed their belly weight. How about cutting back the beer, fries, and working out!? So to this poster...look at X's posts, and others who have been successful and have outstanding physiques. Unless of course you aspire to look like a Jonas Brother...in which case proceed on.


This website is for the company to make money. I understand that as much as anyone else. That is why every post that said ANYTHING negative about the V-diet was disallowed for a very long time. It took the addition of the T-Cell and quite a lot of us complaining just for the censorship to allow some discussion that didn't sound like an infomercial.

I stay out of the V-diet forum completely. I think I've gone there once and the types of people in it seem to be the same type I try to avoid in the gym.


Instead of doing the same exercises twice a week, i'd just do them once and add in another round of choices.

i.e -
back squat, seated db press, neutral grip pull up

rack pulls, incline db bench, dumbbell row.

And by the way, I'm not sure how you plan on gaining strength and losing fat, unless you just started training...

Your best choice for the fastest gains is to maintain one and focus on the other.

You could probably do cardio for 30 minutes 3x a week before breakfast to help control the fat while you increase your strength.


Proffessor X,

You're totally right man, after the V-Diet I really am not sure what to do. That being said the V-diet was the best thing that ever happened to me. About a year and a half ago I was freakin 245 at 26-27% bodyfat, no lie.

I've done the V-Diet twice now and am making huge efforts to eat clean so I can gain. I'm just looking for something now that I can work with over a longer period of time and at least make progress in one area with regressing in the other.