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Too Short For Standing Calf Raise Machine


I'm working out at a new gym starting this week and I realised that there's only one calf raise machine here and it's the standing version. When I tried it out I found that I'm a bit too short for it and I can't get any stretch at all at the bottom.

I've tried shrugging my shoulders at the bottom but it doesn't seem like that helped much. I can use the smith machine as a substitute but it's the second most popular machine here after the bench press station.

The gym equipments here are poorly organised, they put the leg press and dipping station at the ladies only section so I can't do the leg press calf raise as well. And also, do any of you guys know any good substitute for the seated calf raise exercise?? Thanks in advance.


Can you put a block or something in the standing calf raise machine? Something can literally be a wood block, weight plates, aerobic steps, squatting box, etc.

I usually use the leg press machine for my calves.


That sounds like a potentially bloody situation for the shins. Maybe put something on your shoulders? Or just keep doing them on smith machine.


I can try using a block, but wouldn't it slip? And yeah, I've tried putting those pussy pads, or whatever the name of the thing that people put on the bar when squatting is, but all it did was squashed them flat.

I thought I could compensate the lack of ROM with heavier weights, but I'm already using the full stack with some added dumbbells (only the lighter ones though, since the heavy DBs are located upstairs). I guess I'll just stick with the smith machine for now. Thanks again!


im sure the machine's height is adjustable, have you checked that?


It should be adjustable. I've used those machines and I'm only 5'4" so...


Yeah, I've adjusted it to the lowest height possible. What a confidence smasher...


Have you considered DB Calf Raises on a block instead? It gives you the same stimulation but with the added difficulty of requiring more balance. If that's too easy, do it unilaterally.

Alternatively, buy a pair of platform shoes. You know, like the spice girls wore...


Have you got a leg press machine? if so raise your calves on the bottom of the leg press machine.


Oh I forgot about that exercise, I kept on thinking about doing it with both feet. Thanks for reminding me. I probably won't be able to go heavy though.


Yeah, but like I said, they put it in the women only area =(


I use a smith machine and put 2 plates down put your toes on the edge of the plates and stand up your toes. (as high as they go) Hold 1 second release repeat. (smith machine calf rase) You can also rest the bar on your knees wile siting.(then repeat what i seed in sentience 1)(siting calf raise)

If you dont have a smith machine id listen to wee man

hoped this helps :slightly_smiling:


Didn't think of that one before, thanks!


I do something like this, except i use a yoke barbell. basically the same thing.