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Too much?

in 2 weeks i will be starting my next routines. for upper body i chose 12 weeks to super strength and for lowerbody i chose limping. would i be over training if i threw in an arm workout 12 weeks to great guns?


Read the ‘Great Guns’ article, he addresses this.

You’ll be fine with the two you’ve chosen. I went through both of them a while back with great results.


I respect Ian King’s opinion but I find him to be Mentzer’ish at time regarding overtraining.

His programs are low in volume and only include brief periods with higher intensities (%1RM), I fail to see how you will overtrain combining these two programs.

Give it a try! Eat plenty of healthy foods and make sure to get enough sleep and naps.


I’ve got no problem with doing Limping and Super Strength.

But this guy wants to do ‘Great Guns’ ontop of both of them.

Jeez, you’re only just beginning, and you’re gonna kill yourself dude.

In fact, no, go ahead and try doing all 3 programs, and you’ll see why Ike, myself and others are right. Progress likely 0, possibly backwards.

Understand that in order to work the upper body fully the arms MUST be fresh. You’re defeating the purpose entirely.

i dont want too, i was just chcking with you guys to see if its too much. actually my gym partner was like “what no arm workout?” when i told him what we were doing so i was just checking up.

My bad, I didn’t catch that he wanted to add the third program in.

If that’s the case I don’t know if it is or isn’t a good idea.

Yes, it would be overkill, particularly in Phase I, where kind uses isolation arm exercises as a prefatigue method.

I’d like to make note of the fact that our friend bobopunxs has only been training for 6 months, but already he’s asking intelligent questions, planning ahead for his next program and reading T-Mag. How many of us were doing this 6 months into our training?

shoot, Ian kings workouts were perhaps the very first ones I ever performed, all three were out when I first got started so I went ahead and performed all 3, AT THE SAME TIME. After six weeks, completely burned out, overtrained, but guess what? about fifteen lbs. bigger and leaner I might add, It was during offseason track for me at the time, so cardio was not lacking either. Don’t know what did it. I supplemented with Tribex on and off and creatine… that’s about it. I was 19-20 at the time.

Da Boxer

p.s. I went from 134lbs. to 145lbs. Remember I shed a few fat lbs. as well.