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Too Much Zinc?


Ok I went through a few articles on here and read about the liquid zinc test. I bought a bottle and tasted nothing. I've been using Biotest zma and recently purchased straight zinc. Poliquin recommends 2 caps a day on his site, but he also has another article that says to take 6 caps a day for 2 months.

The stuff he sells is 75mg per cap so that would be 450mg of zinc. Is it even safe to take that much? I know in large doses it can deplete copper.


The Zinc tally test is a caveman approach to testing zinc, it'll give you a rough idea at best of your current status. Ideally you would request blood work for RBC (Red Blood Cell) zinc status. Charles Poliquin or anyone for that matter only prescribes dosages as a means to reach or surpass a certain threshold. In Charles case, this would be blood work bio-markers specifically relating to that given mineral or what have you. He never just prescribes dosages without monitoring blood work. When you introduce supra-physiological doses like that the body has a funny way of messing back, so why he would recommend such high dosages is beyond me. Personally I use Zinc the way it was formulated in ZMA by Victor Conte (the creator) at 30 mg/daily


The zinc I have is is 50 mg so what I do is take my zinc one day and then I take my chromium and copper the other day.


is it safe? Sure, most vitamins are under dosed IMO. Most people are so deficient in regular vitamins and minerals that a large bolus dose wouldnt even help because of week absorbtion and methylation, also IMO. If you take too much zinc, copper depletes, your muscles twitch. Doesnt sound like a problem right? Problem is your heart is a muscle and the depletion can cause the heart to mis-fire or tear I have read, not good. I think zinc is awesome and very needed but I completely agree with poster 2. Maybe take your time and start at a certain mg a week and then pump 50mg again for the 2nd week then again in the 3rd week etc until youve reached desired amounts or begin to feel desired effects.


I was reading of a Turkish study involving wrestlers, who's T levels increased via zinc supplementation. However, there appears to be research showing elevated levels of zinc can lead to a rise in cholesterol in a matter of days; while in the longer term it has been linked to prostate cancer.


can you please link the study JB?




just read thru the study which is all well and informative but basically what the article is inferring is to cycle your zinc correct? due to the negative long-term high dose usage? i jet bought 50 mg tabs as well and am just curious and have been doing a lot of research into the topic


15-20 mg is all you need for the t boost. It's dangerous to go above 50mg


All I can say is don't take Zinc for granted!!


Poliqins stuff is 75mg per cap. They stuff I'm taking is close to that dose. I was taking about 300mg for the past week and retook the liquid zinc test. I'm got a slight taste kind of like peroxide last time I took the test, but also afraid to overdose from what everyone else is saying on here.


Poliquin's uberzinc only contains about 25 mg of actual zinc per capsule. The other 50 mg are made up by the orotate and aspartate salts. Even still, I wouldn't take more than one capsule a day.


I had to bump this thread because I stupidly took between 45 and 60mg of zinc a day for several months and ended up with severe kidney pains. I got scared and stopped taking any and the pain eventually subsided after a few weeks. I'm still staying away from it.


Zinc has only been shown in research to deplete copper when zinc gluconate is used. And even then, the participants were taking up to 1g/day for a year before copper depletion occurred. Poliquin brand uses zinc orotate and aspartate, so you won't have these issues.

A good multi will give you enough copper to counterbalance any POSSIBILITY of zinc induced copper depletion - you'll need only about 2mg/day.

I'd say a good 95% of people can't get enough zinc, due to a combo of poor absorption, high heavy metal load, and high exposure to chemical estrogens. In that way, zinc will actually help to prevent prostate/breast cancer - additionally so because it is a potent anti-aromatase.


What about zinc picolinate?


A zinc blood test is like $50. What is this garbage about paleo zinc taste testing?