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Too much working out?

OK, I train 4 days (1 hour each) a week and go to Kung Fu classes 5 days a week (1 hour each). This schedule I’m finding pretty intense. I get 8 hours of sleep every night and stretch for 30 minutes a day and get 4000 calories a day. I am 18 yrs 5’9" at 180lbs and 8% with a moderate/high metabolic rate. I take 20ml of new methoxy-7 a day and 500mg vitex a day 6 meals a day. Lately I have been feeling pretty tired and am wondering what I can modify here to end tiredness. What do you think? Lift less? More recovery drugs? Better/more sleep (that would be hard to fit into schedule)? I have tried periodic stimulants throughout the day but always end up feeling like I got run over and shot in the face afterwards…basically really drained. Help would be appreciated! ~PorchDawg

I would cut down on your lifting days. You are definitely moving (if not there already) into overtraining territory. Why not have a lifting schedule of 2-3 days a week?

I would also say to cut back either on lifting or kung fu. I’d say at least two days on either/or and then see how you feel. I assume you know this, but make sure your getting your 4000 cals from good food, and don’t skimp on the carbs since your so active.

It might not be the total amount of time training that is buring you out, rather what you do during that time. Some activities in life seem to lead to overtraining quicker than others. According to Fred Hatfield and many others, one major factor leading to OT seems to be eccentric movements. Examine your lifting routine and see if you do follow a slow tempo scheme (ala Ian King). If your goal of training is for performance and not hypertrophy you can eliminate this style of tempo. Read last weeks interview with Bompa.