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Too Much Water?


i know the importance of water, i am drink a lot of it throughout the day. and i drink more when i lift (about 700ml in 45-60 mins) and the problem is i feel sick afterwards. have any of you have the same problem, or am i actually drinking too much? (i keep drinking becoz i don’t want to drink when they need rehydration)

thanks for your attention,

How much do you drink in the day? 700ml for a 45-60 minute workout isn’t very much actually. I can easily put down 2 liters.

Yeah i too am always over a 1200 mls in a good workout and conusme at least 3 liters a day but more often i conume 4 a day. I did sometimes get a sickening feeling but i realized it wasnt the water but rather my preworkout meals and nutrient timing.

Seeing your diet and consumption numbers would be a lot more helpful.

i’ve added enzymes and betaine HCL (well, i take them, not mix them in) to my during and just post workout shakes or any food i eat. your stomach shuts off digestion so if you’re consuming anything that needs digestion you should help it along. also, drinking a large volume of water dilutes the digestive enzymes that are already in your stomach trying to work hard, so it makes it even harder. so, don’t stop drinking but think about adding some enzymes to your workout time routine. i find sometimes if i don’t take them, i feel sorta sick to my stomach. the only thing i have is usually some protein and carby type thing like bananas or other fruit during my workout. even if i use surge i go with the enzymes… might help you. good luck!

You basically can’t drink enough water! I read once, that you’d have to drink 1 liter an hour for 10 hours… so 10 liters a day without eating anything else besides it! That would result in a low osmotic value in your vessels, which could kill your body. But as long as you eat something throughout the day you can drink 4-5 liters safely. The only problem is the peeing part. I always gotta run to the bathroom if I drink more than 4 liters a day. However, it’s a good feeling to get rid of all that bad stuff in your body. So don’t worry about that sick feeling… it’s probably somethin else… So try to go the bathroom every 30 min… :0)) … one last tip… try to drink as little as possible before you go to bed… waking up during the night will hurt your important sleep… but that’s a whole different story…

Keep up the work