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Too Much vs Not Enough


In the last few months i've had some issues to deal with. Fortunately going to the gym really takes my mind off it so I try to go as much as I can. Here's my schedule.

Monday - 9 am -Chest back 6pm- 1 hour cardio

Tuesday- 9 am Calves, thighs, abs 6 pm- 1 hour cardio

Wednesday- 9 am 1 hour cardio, 6pm-1 hour cardio

thursday- 9am-chest back 6pm- 1 hour cardio

friday- off

saturday- calves, thighs abs.

sunday- 1 hour cardio.

Anyone else like to weight train in the morning, and then cardio in the evening? I have been having alot of sleeping issues lately and I'm worried that I may be overtraining. Am I just making excuses or do you see something wrong?


I'm curious, why so much cardio, and by "cardio" can you give more specifics about modality, intensity, etc?


Um, how about exercises, sets and reps that you do??? And while you're typing that, in another browser window open the article library and start reading. Waterbury, Thibaudeau, Staley, Dan John etc.


It's hard to say without seeing your rep ranges/sets but I'd say you are overtraining, if only from the heaps and heaps of cardio you're doing.

You can 1) decrease the volume. 2) increase your food intake. or 3) drop the cardio.

I would do 2 and 3. Instead of dropping cardio altogether, why don't you go for an hrs walk instead? This should chill you out and get you ready for sleep as opposed to going to the gym and getting home aroused and not feeling like sleeping.

Look at your food intake, and ZMA before bed should help too.


I am currently doing ABHP. As far as cardio, I jog for 30 mins and do 30 mins on the illiptical with heart rate at about 75%. I do a lot of cardio because I basically have nothing else to do at that time frame, and it makes me feel pretty good. I am 180 pounds, 23 years old. I recently dropped 13 pounds on the Velocity diet.


I used to do the same. It's the best way to ruin your results. Train to reach your goals opposed to training according to your mood. As it was said before, going for a walk or better yet, working on your flexibility would be great options for relaxation.


Since ABBH program has a lot of volume, you can try upping the intensity but dropping volume during the next week or two. For instance, instead of 10x3 @6RM do just 5x3 @4RM with longer rests. Instead of 5x10 do just 2-3x8. Also, cut down your cardio to 10-20 mins. If you've been pushing hard for the last few weeks, this kind of break will do you good.

If, however, you don't start feeling better and stronger, than you should take a week off.