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Too Much Volume?

So everyone knows that training for maximal strength that you want to get in 3 or more reps at 90% or above. Example:
1x5 - 50%
1x3 - 60%
1x2 - 70
1x1 - 80%
1x1 - 90%
1x1 - 90%
1x1 - 90%
After doing this with a squat or bench workout. How many exercises do you guys usually do and how many sets/reps?

Oh I forgot to add in that I think doing the 4 sets at 8-10 reps is too much. If your going to have high intensity I think you gotta reduce the volume a lot, and if your intensity is lower, thats when you can up the volume to gain some mass. I was just wondering what you all think, and if I’m going to train the max effort lifts with 90% and aobve for 3-5 lifts should I descre the voulme to like 3sets of 5 reps?


I think a lot of people forget about progression. I’m not saying train like a pro bodybuilder with 30 sets per bodypart 6X a week but eventually you have to add something. I tried to lower my volume slightly for 2 weeks but my body had adapted to high volume training so I was going backwards. What I found was if I lowered the volume I need to boost the frequency of workouts and vise versa.

If you’re eating enough and getting enough rest keep adding volume until you feel overtraining coming then back off just enough to keep making gains but not overtraining. This is tough and you have to know your body well or you’ll burnout quick but works amazing when you catch on.

I’ve been studying up on this for a month now and have gotten alot of info from my cousin who’s been doing it for a few years.

It looks like three exercises after your max effort exercise with anywhere between 3-5 sets based on your own discretion.

Go to elitefts.com you’ll find out everything you need to know. I’m just beginning this stuff so I’m trying Jim Wendlers triumvirate program which is a lighter volume workout, check it out on the site.

i just do 5-6 exercises per workout with 25-50 total reps in 2-5 sets for non ME movements. Actually my training looks alot like west side for skinny bastards