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Too Much Volume?

Here is an example of the kind of workout I have just started doing. Days 1 and 3 are usually 3x8-10, 4x6, or 10,8,6. Can someone tell me if they think this is too much volume. Should I cut out curls and tricep extensions on day one?

Day 1
DB military press
rear/side/front (3/2/1) lateral raise
Dips or Close-grip bench
Hammer V-squat or leg curl s.s. w/ extensions
curls or some kind s.s w/
tricep ext. of some kind

Day 3 - some combination or complex with the following:
power snatch
OH squat
power clean
front squat
(probably 10-15 sets of 3 or 4 reps total)

Day 5
Hammer Chest Press
DB bench cable X-over (don’t laugh)
Hammer Rows
Yates Rows or or some other rows
Leg Press or front squat
external rotation

Also forgot to mention that I can’t do deads or heavy squats for now because of a hip injury so thats whay all the machine stuff. Anyway, is there anything I should change?


A person knows relatively quickly whether he/she is doing too much volume in the routines. It is a very individual thing imo. From my training preferences, no it does not appear to be too much volume.

Good luck


Why so much machine work?

[quote]Konstantine wrote:
Why so much machine work?[/quote]

The leg machine stuff is because I have developed a hip injury that prevents me from doing heavy hip extension movements. No deads, GMs, heavy squats or single leg exercises. Most machine stuff doesn’t cause pain so I am going to try to do that primarily for a while to see if my injury will heal.

Any upper body machine stuff is either because it is easier on my shoulder than using a barbell (bench presses) or because it is a change from what I usually do and I figure any change is good.

Any other opinions?

I’m impressed! You didn’t even give him shit for asking a question on the very thing you answered in your last paragraph!

I think it’s too much. I reckon 16 sets is a lot of sets. Anything more than that is too much for most trainees.