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Too Much Volume?



Would this program be too much volume for a begginer ?

Or would you recomend this for a begginer?
If so why or why not.
All the imput is much appreciated.


If YOU feel up to the challenge then I say go for it. Only YOU knows YOU enough to really answer this question, otherwise see a qualified trainer in person.

That being said, read ALL the details there and if you're up to the task of managing your body like that, go for it. The recovery is a major part of workouts like these, not to mention the diet. Workout, diet and recovery all must be dialed in or you will fail.

Good luck.

edit - let me say this, if you are really a beginner, get some guidance on your form form the big lifts, either with a trainer or by studying and doing form check videos and getting feedback. Don't tackle this just assuming you have good form, only to pop a disk because you actually deadlift like a wounded fish.


I saw a few college guys DL with the WORST form I have ever seen. This guy was trying to pull 170kg. Not a bad weight but his back was completely bent over. It was like this shape n. I was wincing at just looking at him trying to pull it. He failed twice. It went about 3inches off the floor and didn't go any further. I can't believe he or his mates didn't realise WHAT BAD FORM it was.

I'm not in the habit of giving unwanted advice to randoms. They generally don't give a f0ck and it's a waste of my time.



Too much volume? No.

A really good choice for your goals and level of experience? Unknown.

There's lots of other good tried and tested beginner programs that would be good for a beginner. Better off to choose one of them with a greater degree of certainty, especially given anyone here giving you advice can't assess you in person and offer real advice.


I actually jumped straight into this to get back in to lifting last year after a few years with no training. I managed it. Ate a lot though.


Did this program help more your strength gains or hypertrophy ? I know it's a mix of 531 with a bunch of volume, but what way was it more inclined too ?


Alot of the begginer programs don't get my attention. I choose this program simply because the first lift is strength followed by a lot of volume making the workout brutal but so accomplishing when you finish it.
Plus this program is based on pure compound movements.


I already messed up my back for a couple months on a one rep max and bending my back. After that I watch alot of videos to study there form and try my best to make it perfect.
Thanks for the imput I'll make sure to keep my chest out hips dropped and straight as possible when deadlifting.


This is a great beginer program if you know proper form on main lifts. A beginer program should have lots of focus on basics, and lots reps on main lifts to ingrain movements. This has all that and more. Just make sure you have proper form on the main four lifts. Pay for one session with a qualified trainer, and ask him to teach you proper form in main lifts.

After that there's enough volume to lock the lifts in for life. Remember to set your maxes light, and grow into them. This is a great program, as good or better than any 5x5 propgram. Goodluck


Oh, I use Black iron beast web site to set my training maxes, hope that helps, and make sure you by the531 program, so you know your doing it right, 20$ well spent


Then if you already know your answer and why you're doing I'd say asking the question is redundant.


Probably hypertrophy, if only because it's only for three months (and because that's what Wendler says). People started noticing a difference after about two months. In any case I think that when we're a beginner both can improve.

Like I said, I was eatling LOADS, probably getting towards 5000 calories. This meant I never felt trashed from the workout, but as you can see in the attached pic, I got fat. The pic shows the before and after for the programme. I wouldn't eat so much if I do the programme again which is an idea I'm toying with for some time after Christmas when I'll be a bit stronger.

I really enjoyed the three month challenge though.


Gains come over years, and decades, not weeks, and months. So a three month challange is nice, but you need to look at it as a training program (method) you can apply over years. I've been doing this along time, and people expecting big things in a couple months, never last. These aren't quick fixes, they're lifestyle choices. 2cents


I'm not looking for quick fixes. I learned they don't exist already by setting over the top goals that were never near attainable. I'm just looking for something that could steer me in a good path.


its a good template but for me I would drop the high rep deadlift assistance -too much form breakdown when you go over 5 reps.

Either terminate the sets at 5-6 reps which will still give you plenty of stimulation or just do an extra assistance exercise eg hamstring curls 5x20

triumvirate or bodybuilding template are also good options


Yes i agree with you, I'm planning on doing reps of 5 instead. But would you recommend doing conventional deadlifts twice? Or should I do a different variation of deadlift (sumo, snatch, romanian) Just to hit different muscles ?


I would stick to mainly conventional and throw in snatch grip or romanian on occasion, either way its not that big of a deal


Thank you for the imput. I'll use the conventional deadlift.