Too Much Volume on Upper Days?

Hi there,

Here is my latest 531 cycle:

1 SQ 5’s pro
3 Single leg
4 Farmer walk

1 OHP 5’s pro ss chsdr
2 OHP BBB ss chin up s
3 Dips ss curles

1 DL 5s pro
3 single leg
4 Farmer walk

1 BP 5’s pro ss weighted chin ups
2 BP BBB ss dumbbell row
3 Dips ss curles

Is the volume on OHP and BP days too much?

Thank you

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I think its good

Since you didn’t post the number of sets, reps, or how heavy you are going on any of the exercises, how on earth can anyone say for sure?

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I’m sorry, I thought it’s obvious - chins/rows between every pressing set. So 5-6 sets with the main movement, 5 sets with supplemental and 3-4 sets with dips.

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Honestly, I’d be more worried about the lower back volume on lower days.

On his upper body days (the ones he asked about), the only non-specified exercises are chins, dips, db rows and curls. Since the chins and dips are mostly unweighted, it would be really difficult to do too much here.