Too Much Volume for Type 1B?

Hey Coach,

the test show me that I‘m 1B

my routine looks like this

day 1: front squat and press
day 2: deadlift and rows
day 3: back squat and bench press
day 4: sghp and chins

after the main lifts I do metcons, where I do 45sec rest between exercises (like in your article The Best Fat Loss Tools…) normaly 3 rounds. And some isolation work for arms, delts, hams 2-3sets

just started to use this aproach from your Black Book

wk1 3x8
wk2 3x8 3x6
wk3 7/5/3/7/5/3
wk4 2x6 2x3

would you say its too much volume?


why don’t you try it and see how it goes ? if you start to feel like shit after few weeks so reduce the volume, and if you keep feeling good and energic and the weight go up, continue with this approach !

only you can know what is too much for you. Nobody have the same recuperation

If CT wouldn‘t answer, I would try it.

I was asking, because CT has the most experience with neurotyping.

and you have the experience with your own body man

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I think someone asked a similar question in the old Thibarmy forum. I’m pretty sure he said around 16-20 or maybe 22 work sets total for 1Bs.

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