Too Much Vitamin B12, 6?

i take gnc mega men which has 2500% b6 and 833 b12, also i take zma which has 525% b6 and superpump and sizeon which have very high levels (in the thousands %) of vitamn b. am i taking to much of this vitamin? i havnt noticed any side affects so far and i have been on this stack for like 6 mos.

thanks for your help.

As for B12 you really can’t consume too much of it. You body produces something called intrinsic factor that is essential to the absorption of B12, so you can only absorb so much; that is why many elderly have B12 deficiencies, not from intake but from the reduced intrinsic factor.

I truly don’t know about the B6 and what the tolerable upper limit of intake is for it. If no one else responds with an answer to it, PM me and I will look it up in one of my text books. Hope I helped.