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Too Much Vanadyl Sulfate?

My bottle of Vanadyl Sulfate says to not take more than 60mg of VS in a 24 hour period. However, in the “7 Days To Ultimate Leanness” Swolecat suggests taking 600mg a day during the carb up. What’s the deal here? I understand the supplement company being conservative with the dosage but 10x as much as directed? Is this safe?


I wouldn’t take 600 mg per day, that must be a mis-print.

In the past I’ve read that even 150mg a day even for short periods is pushing it since vanadium is a heavy metal that can build up toxicity over time. I read the article that your referring to and scratched my head on that one too. If I remember it was something like 150mg 4 times a day. That much VS in one day would scare the crap out of me. I don’t see any benefit in anything over 70mg a day or so, but since I never got anything from VS I’m not the best source on the matter.

Yeah I thought that amount of VS just seemed insane. I’m surprised there’s been so little talk about this article on here so far. I’m really curious about what people think of it as a whole.

as it is only for acouple of days (swoles advice) its probably not a biggie.
Is it good advice? i doubt it.
A misprint? i hope so.
i have read over 75mg per day is getting into toxic levels, so one serve by swoles advice is getting a little hairy…
yet there are studies done showing no significant side effect at 100mg per day.
Play around with it. VS isn’t something i would take all the time anyway.

It’s a misprint.

If it is a misprint, T-mag should say so officially and change the article while it’s still up. If it’s not a misprint, then I think at the very least there should be a follow-up question or two asking swole what he’s thinking.

I asked Swolecat to reply to this thread and he said he would. He recently blew out both knees and just had surgery so he’s been a bit preoccupied as you can understand. He plans to participate more on the T-mag forum as he recovers.

That should have read 5 mgs per meal with the R-ALA. Not T-mag’s fault, it’s mine, as I had used the 50 mg variety myself with no ill affects (as did my trainer and other competitors), but u have to take into consideration carb/slin sensitivity in everyone. You also have to realize that most of those dangers you hear about, are because one isnt’ PURPOSELY LOADING up on carbs all the time while on that supplement, but one is in my “7 Days” article. To be safe however to the general public, it must be lower. Those who ask me what I do, well, my answer would have been higher than 5 mgs per dose, but that’s just MY routine. As well, you must consider how much ALA your taking, and if it’s a quality brand or otherwise. As far as toxicity, that does happen over weeks and weeks, but not for glycogen recomop over a mere 3 days. When you are purposely eating carbs w/each meal, you can take in more than you would think without any ill affects.

I’d stick to 5 mgs per dose, and you can adjust upward from there, as u are overfeeding on carbs (sugars) so you’re not going to go hypo. Toxicity needs a few weeks to build up, so that’s not going to be an issue either.

Time to rest the knees! Thanks Peeps!


What are considered some high quality brands of VS?

Owwwww!!! Dude how did you injure your knees? Get better soon. I look forward to more articles. Keep em coming! Ciao. :slight_smile:

do they even still make vanadyl sulfate?

Yep, they still make VS. You can get it very cheaply too. It’s a bargain as far as I’m concerned. VS has always given me great pumps and I never had any problems dosing at 200mg/day for weeks at a time.

just wondering…can metformin be used in place of the vanadyl sulfate and the ALA?


i take my vanadyl sulfate with my hmb and cytosol in the morning and at night. i used to mix it with my CLA, GKG,and phosphagen but that caused me to hold too much water. The old school guys with understand what im saying.

Dude, no way? I used to cycle that exact same stack with Cybergenics.

Course nowadays my Ecdy Max replaces most of that stuff.