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Too Much Too Often?


I’m looking for some sound advice from those who have been there done that. I workout 5-6 days a week and stick to upper one day lower the next. My dead pr is 205, bench press 115, squat 175. I’ve had past shoulder issues so upper body strength is less. I’ve been on this schedule for a year along with eating clean but want more serious results and ready to put in the work. Hit me up with your serious workouts!


Could you describe what a typical squat, bench and deadlift workout looks like for you? Hard to know what should be changed if we don’t know the basic sets/reps/percentages you typically work off of either.

Programming could be affecting your shoulder issues too.


Thanks for reply, sorry I thought I would get a notification if a reply to my post was made.
Leg day is typically as follows depending on quad ham emphasis
Squats 95x12, 115x10, 135x 8, 155x 6, 165x4, then go back down to 115 for 12 -15 reps x2
45° leg press 235x15 325x 12 410x10 505x8
Leg extension 40 lbs x 15 x 4
Leg curls 50lb x12x4
Hack squat 145lb x15 235 x 12x3 or 4
Reverse hack 145 lbs x 12x3
Calf raises 145lb x 8x4
Lying leg curl 65lb x12x4
Burst training x3 of my choice


Are you looking for strength (i.e. planning to compete) or more for muscle and leanness? Your leg day would be great for a bodybuilder, but not as much for a power lifter.

In either case, recovery is the key for building both muscle and strength. A simple principle would be to alternate intensities and volumes per major lift (easy-hard system):

Squat Day One - heavier weight, but lower sets and reps, strength day, lighter weight assistance stuff, and don’t get too carried away with it.
Squat Day Two - relatively lower weight, but more reps, hypertrophy day, so blast your legs with the assistance work if you want
Deadlift Day - you can insert this any point in the week that works for you, but aside from maybe some leg curls, don’t bother with any assistance work. Get your strength work, some speed reps or deficits and get out.

Upper body can follow a similar split. I don’t know what your particular shoulder issue is, but typically, too much heavy benching will aggravate it. One heavy day, is plenty if you aren’t looking to compete. I you are, your second day should be lighter and technique-based. Lots of dumbbell work (rows especially) and tons o’ triceps will put on the muscle you need to improve while keeping shoulders in a little better shape.