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Too Much/Too Little Dietary Fat for Natural Lifters?

Hi Coach C

I recently saw your video “How much protein do you need” and you mentioned that there is a point where more protein can actually be detrimental to gaining muscle. You also talk in your natty programs about the importance of carbs (especially around the workout), but that got me wondering about fat… Is there such a thing as too much or too little fat? Currently my fat intake is around 30% (75-80g) of my total calorie intake . As natural lifters (don’t know if it makes a difference), is there such a thing as a minimum and maximum fat intake we need for maximizing muscle gains?

Thanks in advance!

Well, there is such a thing as too little fat for sure.

Fatty acids are important for several things, from hormone production to brain maintenance and the absorption of some vitamins.

At 75-80g you are fine.

Is there an upper limit? Sure. But that is actually specific to the individual and to the type of fatty acids ingested.

Of course, there is the issue of possible fat gain from consuming too much fat. But also in having a poor blood lipid profile, elevated LDL and VLDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) which could lead to health issues. Some people metabolize fat more efficiently than others. Some will naturally make more LDL/VLDL and less HDL cholesterol and can thus not have the same amount of fat in their diet.

I know that if I add omega-6 fatty acids (lots of red meat, cheese, cream) I start to have cardiovascular issues. But if I consume the same amount of fat but with more of it as omega-3 fatty acids and other good oils, I’m fine.

That’s interesting. Do you put that down to the commercial grain fed meats you have consumed?

Are you able to share any past bloods showing cholesterol levels?

I thinik it was more the cheese and 35% cream that I was having plenty off.

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