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Too Much Too Early?

I’m currently eating only three times a day and want to start adding three to four shakes a day to get better gains, but the problem is if I start suddenly with all this extra calories/protien/carbs won’t my Body Fat increase greatly from the sudden surge. Im 5’9" 190lbs with 20%BF and 23 yrs old. I’m also thinking of adding Mag 10 as well. What’s the best stack. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Well, one option would be to cut down the amount of “solid food” that you’re eating at the other three meals per day. What are your goals?

I am guessing you are kind of new to this. If so, skip the MAG10 until you have a little more experience under your belt. It’s really more for advanced trainers, in my opinion. You want to get the most bang for your buck from supplements, especially pro-hormones. Keep that trick up your sleeve for later.

As far as adding shakes and eating 6 times a day, the whole key is to eat meals that digest in a few hours. If you are 20% bodyfat, you are probably taking in enough food. Think about eating SMALL meals every few hours, since it is obvious you need to shed some fat. And that’s another reason to skip the MAG10 for now, it’s really designed for massive eating and guys who want to bulk up. If you add a bunch of shakes to your diet and have indigestion, you are overtaxing your digestive system with too much too fast. Believe it or not, you have to build up your digestive abilities the same way you build up anything else… little by little.

As far as extra protein making you fat, it is harder for protein to become fat than other macronutrients, if I understand correctly.

Your bodyfat is already high enough, ideally, you want to get leaner before trying to put on muscle. You can eat your three meals and add two snacks in between and not gain weight if you decrease the calories in the three meals so that all five meals now add up to what they did to the previous three meals. Ideally, you want to eat 4-6 small meals, evenly spaced throughout the day. This will actually help you burn up bodyfat and keep your body and metabolism primed and ready.

You don’t need Mag-10 yet. So don’t even think about using it. You should be below 12 percent bodyfat before even considering using a product like Mag-10, otherwise, you will put on a good deal of fat. And, you should have at least a year’s worth of serious training under your belt before using those types of supplements.

Hey Billy,
I agree with the others on this one. Don’t bother with the Mag-10 at this time. Rather concentrate your efforts at loosing the BF. Make sure that you are keeping a food diary for every day. By the way, I might be talking out of my ass, but I assume your goals are to loose some body fat then gain muscle mass, right?
You could try either John Berardi’s “Don’t Diet” plan or T-Dawg version 2.0 for you nutritional plan. Either one is great.
Training…give Meltdown a try!!! It’s a BITCH…but it WORKS!
Good luck

As long as your total calories stay close to the same ammount as before, you won’t gain weight-you’ll probably lose a bit of fat due to increased thermogenesis/metabolism and because your insulin levels are more stable. Trust me man, the most basic aspect of bodybuiding is to eay every three hours with protien as the foundation of EVERY meal.

The posters above have already spoken a lot of sense. However I just want to add:


You will find if you alter your dietary regime, then you will end up taking in very few extra calories, but of a higher quality wrt macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat).

For an individual who wants to just gain mass, the adding of 3 “shake” meals to his current diet will probably work. However for someone like yourself, the idea is to:

  1. Stimulate your metabolism with more meals more frequently
  2. Give you QUALITY protein source easily.
  3. Keep the total calorie intake ony slightly higher than previously, but these calories will BE USED TO GOOD EFFECT vs stored as fat.

    Sounds like you need some better grounding in making up a diet that’s gonna do what you want it to. Take a look at the FAQ’s section on diets. Oh, and if Tampa-Terry’s reading, she may want to give you some more specific pointers.

    Hope this helps. SRS