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Too Much Time At The Gym

When you have a membership at 3 Gyms

(USC Lyon Center, California Athletic, Gold’s Gym (Downtown Los Angeles))

And I wrestle, and train MMA at different locations.

Fuck that might be 5 gyms

I need a life :o(

Xen, why 5 gyms?

Geek boy

lyons center- its my school gym, comes with the $45,000 tuition.

golds- because the school gym gets crowded and busy and sometimes i need a change of pace. Oh yea and i got a membership there for free.

CA athletic- for when I go home, i will NOT miss a workout because of some “well no gym” excuse.

wrestling & mma: because thats what I do

What the hell?!

[quote]Xen Nova wrote:
$45,000 tuition.

But are you gaining any LBM, you hyperactive energiser bunny?

[quote]Natural Nate wrote:
What the hell?!

Xen Nova wrote:
$45,000 tuition.


Private School (USC?), go figure.

I train all over the place too.
School Gym
Basement Gym
Town Gym

It’s nice to have variety. At home I have the squat rack to myself…wait I have that everywhere else too!!!

But at school they got the GHR (personal favorite) and bumper plates.

Variety is good