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Too Much Testosterone, Adjust?

Hi my last post was 6 months ago where I had my 6 month blood work and I posted that my T was showing up as high (I think it was around 1050) and estradiol was maybe 59. My fault was the date of testing because I inject Monday morning and Thursday night but I got blood drawn Friday morning.

This time I got tested near the middle - Wednesday morning. Testosterone was 1067 and estradiol 55. I inject 0.28 cc twice a week. Wondering if I should decrease to somewhere between 0.2-0.25cc? Each injection is subcutaneous. Platelets and hematocrit (and for that matter all other CBC numbers) were normal). I have good morning erections and overall feel great. I don’t feel a single sign of high or low T or high or low E2 (and I know because I’ve felt all four of those things before). I would be tempted not to mess with anything but I just don’t know if long term this chronically high T will be a problem. I remember my endocrinologist said I shouldn’t be above 700-800. I’ve been doing injections for exactly one year now. Should I leave alone or try to get my T numbers down? Thanks!

1067 is not that high. Many here run much higher than that. If you feel good don’t mess with it.

But are people on here running higher than that long term or just short term for bodybuilding purposes? I’m 34 and plan on TRT for life

Both. Some are taking 200mg per week and combining other compounds and running 1500-2000. Other are running 120 -150mg per week and at the high end closer to 1000-1200. If all your other labs look good and you feel great I wouldn’t worry to much about being a little higher than 'normal. I have only been on TRT for a year. Have tried anywhere between 120-150 and my test has been between 1100 - 1350 but I am still not feeling ‘optimal’. Go with how you feel and don’t worry too much about the numbers if all your labs look good.

It is not a problem. It’s your free testosterone that matters anyway.

Again, it’s free testosterone that matters. I put guys with 800ng/dL on testosterone routinely. The PCP or endo told them they were fine. They had very high SHBG and very low free testosterone, and felt every bit as bad as someone with 300 total test.

Do not try to fix what is not broken.

I always have lower free T from High SHBG myself. If I don’t get my Total T above 1000 and free T above 20 I lack energy, libido and just don’t feel as well.

TRT is so individual a lot of guys feel great at 700-900. Others don’t get symptom relief till 1500+ it’s just based on the person. Just watch your labs and make sure the important items stay within normal range. 1000 T level would be about perfect bullseye for me :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the feedback. I feel much better. For reference, I have low SHBG and had low free T before TRT but six months ago they looked at my free T and it as high - in the mid 30s. I know my doctor won’t be happy with the results so hopefully they don’t try to change anything or stop prescribing it to me if I don’t listen.